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Paris, France

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Works by Seb Janiak

Photon 01


100 x 133cm

5000,00 €

Gravity liquid 21 (Large)


, Digital Print

160 x 121.7cm

5000,00 €

Gravity liquid 02 (Medium)


, Digital Print

110 x 86cm

4100,00 €

Gravity liquid 02 (Large)


, Digital Print

160 x 125cm

7100,00 €

Gravity liquid 04 (Large)


, Digital Print

160 x 125cm

5000,00 €

Gravity liquid 01 (Large)


, Digital Print

110 x 86 x 0.1cm

5000,00 €

Gravity liquid 05 (Large)


, Digital Print

160 x 125cm

5000,00 €

Seb Janiak is a photographic artist whose work explores conditions in which opposites can co-exist, revealing the visual characteristics of the hidden forces that shape the physical universe. He creates images that blend science with creativity, analytics with the poetic. He lives and works in Paris, France.


Janiak began his career as a graphic designer. While freelancing, he engaged with state-of-the-art technology, becoming a pioneer in the field of digital photography. His work gained him global attention, and he expanded into music video directing, fashion photography, and finally into fine art. Since 2011, he has focused on expanding the potential of contemporary analogue photography.


Since 2011, Janiak has only used basic photographic tools. He says, “I only allow myself the techniques which have been used in analogue photography since 1850. Namely, making adjustments to contrast and exposure, and using superimposition.” When a special effect is needed in order to achieve a particular shot, he finds a way to achieve it manually rather than through digital manipulation, for example by using refraction (a prism) or reflectivity (a mirror). The fantastical images he produces seem impossible, but they are in fact pictures of the physical world that surrounds us at all times.


Janiak is interested in duality and the unseen forces that inhabit the space between what we perceive of as imaginative and as scientific. His work thus serves as a photographic bridge between data and creativity. In fact, he believes there is no separation between science and art—the apparent dichotomy is only a way of conceptualizing the multiple simultaneous states of being at work in the visible universe. Whether his inspiration comes from a philosophical inquiry, a spiritual question, or a revelation about the nature of physics, in the end he circles back to all three areas of thought, using one as a departure point, but in the process capturing what is beautiful about all.

Relevant quote

About Seb Janiak, French designer Philippe Starck wrote:

“Seb has shown that the impossible can be achieved...He has done a lot (that is to say he has committed himself completely) to try to draw us into poetic spaces, with a rigour that sets him apart from his successors. Each of his images, each of his artistic gestures have an elegance and a madness which are both natural and structural. I will forever be grateful to him for this reason: how many artists can be said to bring our dreams and visions so strongly to life that they are with us every day?”


Work by Janiak is widely collected and has been exhibited globally, including at Art Basel Miami and FIAC.

Exhibitions/Art Fairs


Kingdom solo show, Variations and Pièce Unique galleries, Paris, Nov 3 2017
Solo show, BlancBlank Atelier, Belgrade, Nov 3 2017
Kingdom "Paradeisos", Pièce Unique gallery, Paris, Feb. 2017

Solo-Project Basel Art Fair with Visionairs gallery Asia, June 2016
Kingdom solo show with Visionairs gallery Asia, May 2016
Singapore Contemporary Art Show with Visionairs gallery Asia. January 21-24 2016

Photo Shanghai sept/10-13 2015
Art Central Hong Kong / march 14-16 

MIA@D Fair Singapour, Visionairs gallery / oct 23-26
« The Kingdom », Fred Torres galerie, NY / nov 14 – mars 11 

Berlin, Germany / Preview Berlin Art Fair / September 19-22

Fotofever, Photography Art fair, Nov 10 -12, 2011
Seb Janiak – art book release, mid october, 2011
Cutlog contemporay art fair, October 20-23, 2011
Lille Art Fair (France), March 23-27, 2011

FIAC off Chic Art Fair, Visionairs Gallery, Paris
FIAC Acces & Paradox, Visionairs Gallery, Paris

Art Basel Miami Beach, Naomi Campbell Retrospective, Art Photo Expo
Art Photo Expo gallery, New York

Contemporary Shanghai Art Fair ‘08
FIAC - Show Off, espace Pierre Cardin, galerie Paul Frèches, Paris
Photographies contemporaines / Art Valorem, Drouot, november 23
Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Photo Expo gallery, 

In Fashion Photo, Art Photo Expo during Art Basel Miami Beach, Etats-Unis
Commissaire : Marion de Beaupré
BAC Festival, Contemporary Art photography of the city of Barcelone, Spain
NOOVO International Fashion and Photography Festival, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Archeology of Elegance, Deichtorhallen museum, Hambourg

Archeology of Elegance, Munich, Allemagne
(roving Exhibition : Tokyo / Metropolitan Museum
Photography / Londres / Los Angeles, / Milan)

Paris de 2044 à nos jours, exhibitions of the first « matte-painting » (Worldwide Premiere),
Former Musée des automates, Paris, France

Freeze Frame, first international exhibition of digital photography
International Network Video, and collaboration with the designer Philippe STARCK, Paris.