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Milan, Italy

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Works by Paolo Gila

Danza Notturna


Paintings , Acrylic

70 x 100cm


He grew up in Milan in the GAR, Gruppo Artisti Rosetum, and during his youth (1974 - 1985) he acquired his knowledge of tempera and oil techniques by attending the Circolo del Gar and directly in the studios - where he savoured the expressive research - of painters such as Bellé, Suigo and Bianchi. During this period, he exhibited his first oil paintings in various group exhibitions, including 'Arte Strada'. Part of this early production is still in the hands of the author, other parts are in private hands (Taini collection and others).

Since the late 1990s, his artistic production has steadily focused on acrylics (on wood and canvas in medium and large sizes), with a strong research on the intersections between science and art, between harmony and chaos. In this mature period, she exhibited in Via Bagutta (various editions) and in several group exhibitions, including Bardolino in Arte (last edition, 2022). For the past ten years he has supported the Fondazione Arte e Scienza, in memory of Renzo Bergamo; he has supported the Dova family in the promotion of the Dova archive, and maintains stable correspondence with scientists and artists on the themes of chaos, harmony and symmetry (Lanzi, Della Pergola, as well as the late Giorello, Simonelli, Daverio)