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Michael Craik

1972 Edinburgh, United States

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  • About the Artist

Michael Craik was born in Edinburgh in 1972 and has worked as an artist in Scotland for the past 22 years. He studied Fine Art at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen before completing an MA in European Fine Art in Barcelona. Winner of several awards, Craik's work has been exhibited throughout Europe and is represented by galleries in Scotland, Germany and Italy.

The focus of these works is often at the edges, where sanding reveals layers of paint, exposing alternating layers of color that have been built up by painting, pouring or spreading. In this sense, his work shares a relationship with geology, with the placement and erosion of rock. Living in Scotland, one is constantly reminded of the forces that sculpt the earth. Craik’s studio in Kinghorn, Fife, is on a cliff overlooking the Firth of Forth. Surrounded by this expanse of water and the endless ebb and flow of the tide, Craik is aware that these processes have, over time, permeated his artistic practice.

Works by Michael Craik

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