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Drawings & Works on Paper

150 x 240 x 1cm

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Untitled 23116


Paintings , Oil

100 x 180cm

5950,00 €

Untitled 23064


Paintings , Oil

150 x 200cm

12216,00 €

Untitled 22033



70 x 49.5cm

3566,00 €

Rouge 20170


Drawings & Works on Paper , Ink

56 x 76cm

3157,00 €

Rouge 20171


Drawings & Works on Paper , Ink

56 x 76cm

3157,00 €

Untitled 21299



60 x 60cm

3390,00 €

Untitled (Ref 18094)



80 x 80cm

4384,00 €

Untitled 21213


Paintings , Oil

130 x 130 x 0.1cm

7715,00 €

Martín Reyna is an Argentinian-born abstract painter living in Paris, France. His gestural abstract paintings delight the eye and activate the mind with their luminous color relationships and deft explorations of perspective and space.

Reyna works with ink, acrylics and oils on canvas or paper. One of his signature techniques is to dilute his mediums so the colors will dissipate and intermingle in uncontrolled ways. When using ink on paper, a small bit of water is introduced to the surface, creating profound effects as the color seems to vibrate outward, expanding harmoniously into space. 

Reyna is interested in the balance between freedom and planning. His method is to meticulously plan the linear and spatial properties of his compositions, while leaving room to instigate moments within his process when the forces of nature take over, leading the work in directions he cannot foresee.

Two different, but complementary objectives inspire Reyna as he works. 

The first, as described above, concerns his technical method of pitting the forces of chaos against those of control, by selectively moistening his surfaces so the mediums will react in spontaneous and unpredictable ways. 

The second concerns compositional harmony. Reyna is interested in exploring how the negative, or unpainted, areas of the surface interact with those areas that are activated by line, color, and form. He has described his compositions as “Landscapes of Space.” Unlike landscapes that portray the natural world, these abstract landscapes reveal new perspectives on how color, form, light, and emptiness interact within the illusionary, spatial void.

Reyna has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe, South America, and the United States. 
Recent solo exhibitions include Teodora Galerie, Paris, Artemisa Gallery, NYC, Infinito Gallery, Buenos Aires, Antidote Art & Design, Dubai, and Kentler International Drawing Space, New York.


La bibliothèque. Library Henri Ey. Hospital Sainte-Anne. Paris


En suspension. Teodora Gallery. Paris


Shadows in the water,  Artemisa Gallery, New York, USA 

Del Paseo Gallery, Punta del Este, Uruguay   


Fugues, Teodora Gallery, Paris, France


Noir et blanc en couleur,  Argentinian Gallery,  Argentinian Embassy,  Paris.


Perspectiva Asturiana, Maison de l'Amérique Latine, Paris


En el horizonte del color, Del Infinito Arte Gallery, Buenos  Aires, Argentina

Del Infinito Arte Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia,

A l'horizon de la couleur, MGE Gallery, Paris, France


Hogar Collection Gallery,  New York, USA


La couleur de l’eau, D’Est et d’Ouest Gallery, Paris France.               


La couleur de l’eau, Pavillon de l’eau, Paris, France                                                                           

Artemisa Gallery. Brussels, Belgium.


Angers-Buenos Aires, University of Angers, France


About the painting,  Hogar Collection Gallery, New York,  USA 

Carta et aquarello,  Instituto Italo Latinoamericano, Roma, Italy       

Arboles, Karen Boltax Gallery, New York, USA

Ouvrir le rien, Pax Gallery,  Virginie Boissière Art Contemporain, Knokke-Zoute, Belgium


Scope London, Virginie Boissière art contemporain, London, England.                           

Del Infinito Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Consulate General of Argentina,  Art Gallery, New York City, USA


Sans titre, Espace Adamskidesign, Virginie Boissière Art  Contemporain, Paris, France


Pinturas. Cultural  Center  Candido Mendes. Rio de   Janeiro,  Brasil


Argentinian Gallery,  Argentinian Embassy  Paris, France

Del Infinito  Gallery,  Buenos Aires, Argentina


Del Infinito Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Keller Space, Paris, France

Cultural Center of Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentin


Klemm Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

El Museo Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia


Michel Vidal Gallery, Paris, France


Jacob Karpio Gallery, San José de Costa Rica, Costa Rica


Adriana Rosenberg Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Adriana Rosenberg Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Subdistrito Gallery, São Paolo, Brasil

Del Retiro Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Del Retiro Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Catalogues, Books and monographes

Philippe Cyroulnik, Paralelo 42°,  Estela Gismero Editions, Buenos Aires, 2017

Herminia Mérega, Sarah T. Reyna, Martín Reyna, Horacio Spinetto, Bruno Tessarech,

En plein air,  Herminia Mérega  Editions,  Buenos Aires,  2015

Danielle Raymond, Talentos argentinos en París,  Larivière Editions,  Buenos Aires, february 2014

Philippe Cyroulnik, En el horizonte del color,  Del  Infinito Arte Gallery Editions, Buenos Aires,  september 2012

Viviana Usubiaga, Imágenes Inestables. Artes visuales, dictadura y democracia en Buenos  Aires,  Edhasa Editions, Buenos Aires, 2012    

Ana María Battistozzi, Lucas Fragasso, Roberto Amigo,  Escenas de los 80. Los primeros años, Proa Foundation Editions,  Buenos Aires,  2011      

Lila Zemborain,  El color del agua,  Virginie Boissière art contemporain Editions, Paris, 2008

Jorge López Anaya, Arte argentino. Cuatro siglos de historia (1600-2000),  Emecé Arte Editions,  Buenos Aires, 2005    

Jorge López  Anaya, Hugo Petruschansky, Pierre Wat, Sín título, Martín Reyna, 1983-2004, co-edition Virginie Boissière art Contemporain, Paris, France y Galería Del Infinito Arte, Buenos Aires, octubre de 2004

Philippe Cyroulnik, Traversées du paysage, Le 19 Editions, CRAC, june 2004 

María Teresa Costantín, Nora Hochbaum, Duilio Pierri, Pintura Argentina 1975-2003, Manos en la Masa, la persistencia, Centro Cultural Recoleta y Fundación Banco Ciudad, Editions,  october  2003

Philippe Cyroulnik, Fabián Lebenglik, Buenos Aires In & out,  Le 19 Editions, Crac, Montbéliard, France,  2001    

Jorge Glusberg, 70-80-90,  National Museum of Fine Arts Editions, Buenos Aires, january 1996

Carlos Espartaco, La certeza de lo desconocido, Entrevista, Klemm Gallery Editions, Buenos Aires, august 1995

Philippe Cyroulnik, Amériques, huit artistes du Nouveau Monde,  Centre Lotois d’Art Contemporain, Editions Figeac, France, july 1992

Ed Shaw, Detrás de las casas de Reyna,  Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires Editions, november 1991

Philippe Cyroulnik, Jorge Glusberg,  L'atelier de Buenos Aires,  CREDAC Editions,  Ivry sur Seine, France, 1991                          

Bengt Oldenbourg, Martín Reyna,  Del Retiro Gallery Editions. Buenos Aires, march 1987



Philippe Cyroulnik, Acerca de los territorios del color, Página 12,  january 2018

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Jorge López Anaya, Tres visiones contemporáneas, La Nación, Buenos Aires,  june 2005

Albino Dieguez Videla,  Entre las formas y la forma, La Prensa, Buenos Aires, november 2001

Aldo Galli, Puentes sensoriales,  La Nación,  Buenos Aires, december 2001

Albino Dieguez Videla, Variedades acertadas,  La Prensa, Buenos Aires, july 1997

Gache Belén,   Una ciudad sin firmar,  Página 12, Suplemento Radar, Buenos Aires,  august 1997

Laura Feinsilber, Conte y Reyna suman poesía a la plástica, Ambito Financiero, Buenos Aires, october 1995

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Demetria Daniels,  Southamerica in Downtown,  Downtown, Nueva York, USA, 23 july 1986

Reyna is the winner of the Chandon Prize, Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Jean-François Millet Prize of Paintings, Valognes, France, the Nuevo Mundo Foundation Prize, and the Gunther Prize of Paintings, among others. 
He recently completed a Ballinglen Arts Foundation residency in Ballycastle, County Mayo, Ireland, and was awarded a Fellowship at the Fundación Antorchas, Buenos Aires.


Chandon Prize. ARTEBA. Del Infinito Gallery. Buenos Aires. Argentina


Grants of  Arts from Antorchas Foundation of Buenos Aires, Argentina


Jean-François Millet Prize of Paintings. SIAP of Valognes. France

Honorific Mention . Costantini Prize  MNBA Buenos Aires, Argentina


Nuevo Mundo Foundation Prize. MNBA. Buenos Aires. Argentina


Gunther Prize of Paintings. CAYC. Buenos Aires. Argentina