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Julia Masvernat

1973 Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Visual artist and graphic designer (UBA-Buenos Aires University). Between 2003 and 2005 she participates at the Kuitca Scolarship Program, Rojas/UBA. In 2005, at TRAMA Program of cooperation andc onfrontation between artists. In 2009, at LIPAC, Laboratoryof Investigation in Contemporary Artistic Practices.

Her first solo show was in 1999. Since 2002 her works participate in numerous group exhibitions, such as Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center (Buenos Aires, 2002), Video Brasil Festival (São Paulo, 2005), Recoleta Cultural Center (Buenos Aires, 2005), Soundtoys Platform/sound- visual interfaces, (Montevideo, 2006). Petrobras-ArteBA Award (Buenos Aires, 2007).

She works in various media: objects, paintings, collages and develops sound-video games and audiovisual installations. The urban environment and its conflicts is her space of exploration.

The constant running through her work are explorations of matter and color with overlays, accumulations and juxtapositions of various techniques and media interest in exploring digital imaging technologies and questioning modes of representation.

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