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Satin and Dried Lavender


Prints , Drawings

50 x 50cm




Joyce Overheul (b. 1989, NL) studied fine art at the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU) and at the Utrecht Graduate School in Visual Arts and Design (MaHKU). After she obtained a master's degree in 2012, her career as an artist takes a flight in the Netherlands and abroad. Overheul lives and works in Nieuwegein, NL. Her work subscribes to a wish for collective signification, but also shows the loneliness of this process when human communication predominantly takes places between the lines and through intervention by interfaces. The work of Overheul has been exhibited in art cities such Los Angeles (Torence Art Museum, 2019), London (Nunnery Gallery, 2016) and Amsterdam (De Appel, 2012) but also notably outside: for example in Kathmandu (Kaalo.101, 2018), Mexico City (Museo Memoria y Tolerancia, 2017) and Tel Aviv (Alfred Gallery, 2015). Overheul is regularly participating in the video art festival Bring Your Own Beamer and in exhibitions by the international art movement Nasty Women.