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Jérôme Thẩm Võ Mỹ

Paris, France

2 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Jérôme Thẩm Võ Mỹ's colorful artworks blur the boundaries between the visible and invisible. They transport the viewer into a sensitive chromatic universe, where color expresses genuine freedom and movement. 

Born in 1967 in Paris, Thẩm Võ Mỹ lives and works in the French capital. 

His studies in painting and applied arts at the Estienne School of Paris brought him closer to visual communication and abstract style. He intersects in his series of numerical images, geometric shapes such as circles, lines, typefaces, and numbers, creating vivid luminous effects. 

Minimal artists such as Frank Stella or kinetic art are relevant visual references. Thẩm Võ Mỹ’s artworks are autonomous pieces but they acquire value if conceived as a whole, like a hyper-saturated chromatic puzzle.

Jérôme Thẩm Võ Mỹ exhibited in different art spaces in Paris. In 2022, the Galerie Electric Paris displayed his solo Chromalibre, creating a playful and dynamic visual path.