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Works by Frédérique Fabri

A self-taught painter, she launched herself into the world of creation after a life as a teacher during which she transmitted her passion for the arts to her students. Born into a family of intellectuals who traveled extensively, with a father who was a lover of literature and a mother who was passionate about archaeology and art history, she grew up in a multicultural environment. The memories of a youth spent by the sea between Morocco and Spain as well as the practice of scuba diving in paradisiacal places dictate her choices. The smell of sea spray, the sound of the waves, the murmur of water in the shells and the ocean floor inspire her as soon as she holds a brush and the choice of acrylic diluted with India ink is imposed to find the colors and transparencies. The silks, the flashes of copper and the chiseled gold of the jewels in the oriental markets are hidden in the graphics and the gold leaf that dot her works. 
She has exhibited in Artists' Salons in the Eure, Eure et Loir and Chartres.