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Ennio Morlotti

1919 - 1992
Lecco, Italy

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Ennio Morlotti was an Italian painter. In 1917 he entered the high school Paul Angel Dancers Seregno where he remains until 1922. From 1923 to support herself reconcile work and artistic apprenticeship. At first he worked as an accountant at an oil mill, later to be used in a paint factory and then in a machine factory. In the meantime he studied art, ancient churches and museums and are becoming interested in contemporary art. In 1936, after completing his artistic maturity as a private at the Accademia di Brera, leaves his job and enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence under the guidance of Felice Carena. He studied Masaccio, Giotto and Piero della Francesca, but, realizing that its roots would be diverted to the Lombard painter painting in Tuscany, Florence soon abandoned.
In 1937 he spent a brief period in Paris where he met with leading figures of European art, from Fauvism and Expressionism to the Cezanne of Soutine and Rouault. Expositions de Paris Universelles to know the work of Picasso, Guernica, remaining highly impressed. Upon his return to Italy he moved to Milan and enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Brera. Those years are the first works. In 1939 he joined the current group of painters with Ernesto Treccani Guttuso, Renato Bruno Cassinari revealing Birolli and soon the most extremist group. After a second stay in Paris in 1947, he attended the New Face of the arts, and after the split, and Cassinari Birolli adheres to the Group of Eight by Lionello Venturi. The subjects most frequently visited by the artist are landscapes, still lifes and figure studies.