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Daniela Schweinsberg

Marburg, Germany

21 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Frankfurt, Germany

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Works by Daniela Schweinsberg

Daniela Schweinsberg is a German abstract artist whose lyrical paintings derive their raucous power from a mix of raw emotion, vibrant color, and layers of energetic brushstrokes. 
She lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Working in the emotionally charged, gestural tradition of painters like Cy Twombly, Joan Mitchell and Georges Mathieu, Daniela Schweinsberg extends the legacies of Tachism, Lyrical Abstraction and Abstract Expressionism, creating powerful, layered paintings that speak in brutal harmony with the chaotic beauty of the out time. 
Using a diverse range of media, including oils, acrylics and spray paint, along with natural materials such as ash, plaster and sand, Schweinsberg builds her compositions up slowly through an intuitive process of adding and erasure, guided all the while by feeling.

Schweinsberg keeps a sketchbook, but mostly the inspiration for her paintings comes from unexpected encounters in her life, such as personal interactions or reactions she may have to a specific colour or texture in the everyday visual environment. 
From there, each work takes on a visual life of its own, as the composition becomes like an improvised visual symphony: rhythm and tempo are expressed through gesture; fleeting melodies take shape in expressive, calligraphic bursts; harmonies build through shapes, lines and textures; and structure finally emerges through the layered relationships of colour fields and forms.

"My works are abstract mixed-media works, often large sizes, with strong, gestural brushwork. They’re all created informally. They visualize what I have experienced or something I wanted to work with, a color, a certain material. I’m an abstract painter because I don't want to depict things as they are, but want to create something really unique. The painting itself, its change, its expression becomes the determining factor in the painting process, whereby the original idea can also take a back seat. The viewer should feel the energy, dynamism and spontaneity of my painting process in the finished painting"


Schweinsberg has studied with German abstract painters Peter Tomschiczek and Peter Casagrande, and with Austrian painter Adam Jankowski



Hamburg, Affordable Art Fair (presented by Galerie Folly & Muse) 
Frankfurt, Discovery Art Fair (presented by HLP Galerie and Galerie Folly & Muse) 
London (GB), The Other Art Fair 
Des Moines (US), Moberg Gallery, "Kicking Abstract & Taking Names - Women Painters" 
Cologne, Discovery Art Fair (presented by Galerie Arp) 
Hanau, Arp Gallery, "EYE CANDY" 
Luxembourg (LUX), Luxembourg Art Fair (presented by Folly & Muse Gallery) 
Frankfurt, Discovery Art Fair (presented by HLP Galerie and Galerie ARP) 
Weilburg, city museum, finalist exhibition for the art award of the city of Weilburg 
Leonberg, KUN: ST district, "ABSTRACT" 
Dornbirn (AT), ART Bodensee (presented by Singulart)
London (GB), The Other Art Fair 
Brussels (BE), Affordable Art Fair (presented by Folly & Muse Gallery) 
Stuttgart, Messe Sindelfingen, ARTe 2018 
Stuttgart, Messe Sindelfingen, ARTe 2017 
Cologne, Carlswerk, Cologne List 2016 (presented by HLP Gallery)  
Bad Reichenhall, "Spiel der Kontraste", presentation master class Prof. A. Jankowski
Bonn, Women's Museum, Art Fair. 25 
Köln, Köln Messe, ART Cologne 2015 (presented by HLP Galerie) 
Cologne, art'pu: l fair for contemporary art 
Köln, Köln Messe, ART Cologne 2014 (presented by HLP Galerie) 
Weißenburg By., Kunstschranne, exhibition of the finalists of the art competition 
Neustadt (Pfalz), Herrenhof Mußbach, finalist exhibition Art Prize Palat. Secession 
Aschaffenburg, Anna House Gallery, "Erste Sahne" 
Frankfurt am Main, Nebbiensches Gartenhaus, "ganz konkret abstrakt" 


Finalist for the art award of the city of Weilburg an der Lahn
Shortlisted for the Rise Art Prize (London, Great Britain)
Finalist for the art award of the city of Weissenburg
Finalist for the Art Prize of the Palatinate Secession