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Charles Lynn Bragg

United States

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Los Angeles artist Charles (Chick) Lynn Bragg was born in 1952, the son of professional artists, Charles Bragg and Jennie Tomao. Bragg studied at U.C.L.A. Extension, Los Angeles City College, Pierce College, California Institute of the Arts and received a BFA in Sculpture from the California State University, Long Beach in 2009. Bragg’s paintings of animals, marine life and environmental images have been seen by millions of people. In 1994 he designed four U.S. postage stamps Wonders of the Sea and Turner Publishing reproduced his work in the book Wild Lives: The Animal Kingdom of Charles Lynn Bragg. He completed commissions for The Nature Company, The Nature Conservancy, The World Wildlife Fund, The Franklin Mint, EarthSave and many more. His art has been licensed in the United States, Japan, Europe, Australia and Costa Rica for posters, jigsaw puzzles, greeting cards, collector plates, school text books, t-shirts and watches, to name a few. Bragg’s work encompasses Realism, Surrealism, Conceptualism, Humanism and Fantasy, with a touch of Disney. His work includes paintings, drawings, print-making, computer graphics and sculptures. Bragg’s latest work features portraits compelled by his outrage over the politics of the USA in 2019. "As an artist and a person, it is my goal to relate to people, animals and the environment with dignity, compassion and respect, and to inspire others to do the same".

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