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Celia Eid

1952 São Paulo, Brazil

5 Works exhibited

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Born in São Paulo, Celia Eid graduated from the School of Communication and Arts at the University of São Paulo. Between 1978 and 1984 she lived in France and Germany where she made several exhibitions. In 1984, she returned to her native country, where she pursued a career as an illustrator and graphic designer.

She collaborates with the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo and with several publishing houses: Scipione, Unesp, Edusp. In 1993, she won the Jabuti Prize (book) for the best cover and the best graphic project of the year. In 1994 she published the book / BD Penare. After a two-year contract at the video post-production house, Casa Blanca, she moved on to digital arts and animation cinema. She follows two courses in the United States: one at Aurora Systems in Santa Clara, and the other at the Visual Computing Institute, in Huston. From 1997, living in France, her career changed definitively.

Almost always working on short pieces of contemporary music, often performed by the ensemble Aleph, his films / animations are enjoying increasing success. Frequent Stops, 12 small animations on music by several composers, Le rire du Coq, on music by Dominique Clément, and Gymel, on music by Sébastien Béranger, were presented at several digital art and music festivals in the world. Gymel was broadcast by ElecktraMusique (FreeTV) and Souvenir From Earth (Free TV). In 2005, Celia Eid won the prize for best interactive film at the Internet film festival, Fluxus, with her animation Silent, if you like.

Dislocations, created in 2010 to the music of Sébastien Béranger, is a piece for solo piano, electroacoustic music and sculpture. The pianist interacts with the video by throwing a small light ball into the sculpture, which triggers a change in the video. Dislocations has been broadcast by several video festivals and has also been presented live in Paris, São Paulo, Stockton (USA), and Strasbourg. In 2012, in collaboration with Robert Coburn, she created Interstitial Traces, piece for 2 saxophones, sound and video environment, created at the SoundImageSound IX festival in 2013 in Stockton, California. Alongside his personal projects, Eid has run cartoon workshops for young children, in partnership with institutions such as the Forum des Images or Le Cube, in partnership with the Ministry of National Education. She has created several sets for dance performances for the Compagnie Picomètre.

Works by Celia Eid

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