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The painting of Carla Elena Name crosses the threshold of the 20th century to the 21st century.

Her influences come from the naturalist and expressionist nude, elements of surrealist (automatic writing and sleep), the "spirit" of the first period of abstraction and some techniques of Action painting.
She is a self-referential artist, her intimate work, at once exuberant and profound, recalls the great confessional exercises of St. Augustine (one of her most important exhibitions was called "Permit and Censorship").

Her plastic trajectory is like the visual diary of a woman who speaks of herself with authenticity and fluency, works with her - and sometimes with her double or Alter ego - because they are subjects she knows well. Nevertheless the most recent art of Carla Elena puts the accent on an "I" that focuses on the contemplation and the knowledge of "itself".

The works of this Mexican artist have appeared in important art galleries as well as in cultural spaces - public and private - of Mexico, the United States and Europe.

Works by Carla Elena

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