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Begoña Morea Roy

1975 Zaragoza, Spain

1 Works exhibited

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  • About the Artist

Begoña Morea Roy perseveres in her most recent works the drawing of an emotional cartographic system through subjective, fragile and vulnerable calligraphy. The organic development of her collages, made with remnants of papers, requires a close and attentive look to be able to glimpse between the folds, interstices and cavities, the experience of an action open to multiple developments of generation, accumulation, proliferation, juxtaposition and deviation. All these effects occur in the compositional flow of her works and are subject to cyclic transformation in a serial sequence. This happens through the relationship established between the different phases of a manual process determined by the choice of papers that cut, start, paint, wrinkles and sticks in successive layers. The shapes of sinuous boundaries are combined with flashes of color whose timbres and intensities emphasize the crisp balance of these hanging hangings.

Works by Begoña Morea Roy

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