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What lies behind abstract art painting? This triumph of different colours, shapes and media leads us to discover imaginary worlds and to peek inside the most intimate part of the artist's brain. But it is not always clear to understand the abstraction that is in front of us, or what is the true meaning of the work.

Maybe it is not possible to dive so deep, and the inner motives of the artist are unattainable to the viewer, but we have been given numerous tools to analyse abstract paintings with, most specifically through the plethora of famous abstract paintings with with we can compare the relationships between one another, and their impact on forward-looking critics. 

Over the last months, we have already written about various insights related to the history of the genre, such as in the case of “Purity of Emotion of Abstract Art” and "Colour in Abstract Art" both written by Marcus Howard-Vyse; or more specifically focused on artists such as Sonia Delaunay, Hilma af Klint, Georgiana Houghton and Emma Kunz, such as inside the article "A New History of Abstract Art in Munich". Today we want to present you with the latest experiments in this huge universe. Indeed, on Kooness we always select hundreds of artworks from the most interesting galleries to meld together beauty, freshness and quality into your investment. No stress… Just have a look at these original contemporary artworks and choose your favourite ones. To give you more coordinates we will proceed with subcategories divided by subject.

1. Abstract flower paintings: Thomas Berra, Chen LiAnya SpielmanVesela Baker


Anya Spielman, Petites Boules, 203.2 x 182.9 cm, 2000. 


2. Abstract paintings of faces: Elisa BertagliaRonak MoshiriIbrahim KodraRuss Pope,108.


Ronak Moshiri, Serie Sadi, 80x100x4 cm, 2018. 


3. Abstract landscape paintings: Patrick AdamsIsabella NazzarriFrances BarthEnrico Minguzzi


Enrico Meneguzzi, 7 luglio, 39.37x32cm, 2018.


4. Abstract watercolor paintings:  Romina BassuNicola MagrinRebecca Bournigault.


Nicola Magrin, Walking, 115x300cm, 2015. 


5. Abstract expressionist paintings: Anthony WhiteSauro BenassiDana GordonStephen Maine.

Anthony White, Montana, 52x52cm, 2009.



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