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We are not wholly unfamiliar with the numerous connections between Art, Food and Fashion. The answer as to why is very easy. Many of us love beauty, love to grant ourselves some vices, aspire to a life of luxury and in general love anything that can give pleasure to all of the senses. In this way, the luxurious links between the trio of Art, Food and Fashion becomes apparent.

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It is no secret that for many centuries these three categories were promoted and taken advantage of by a very select, inner circle of people, mostly members of what we know as the aristocratic class. Yet, few people are aware that the explanation as to why these people were given the privileged possibility to live a life like this was thanks to a popular belief that associated these people as “Sons of God”, that thanks to this Olympian connection a life of perks was allowed. Also, if you want to get closer to the latest research in the contemporary art field see more on Kooness!


Giambattista Tiepolo. The Banquet of Cleopatra (1743-1744).


Before we start to talk about the big social revolution that has evolved over the 19th and 20th Centuries, we must move our focus to the artistic profession of those times, as there were painters, architects, literati, great chefs, incredible dressmakers, but most of all “craftsmen”. Even the "touched by good” realised very soon that to make their life special, they needed to know how to create something unimaginable, something far from the human being. Who had the ability to convert simple matter into something divine? From Greek myths including characters such as Arachne, Parrhasius and Pygmalion, all the way until the dense Catholic symbolism in still-life representations, food, dress and art always had a special charm.


 Las hilanderas o la fábula de Aracne de Velázquez.


Here is the crucial turning point. Why do people still need to differentiate between every kind of creative category? Why is it so hard to think about a big “Art’s tree” with different branches that we can call textile, theatre, sculpture, music, painting, food etc… Of course we cannot put everything in a big pot. The tools and ways for understanding what we can associate close to art are many, but the many hybridizations among these creative expressions should not be taken lightly.

In recent times the projects and investments leading this approach seem infinite… Start from the food pop art and fashion pop art that has characterized Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg’s output, and we find similar styles in later works by Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Maurizio Cattelan. It is also curious to pay attention to the pop-popular new interest in this areas: the arise of new gourmet restaurants, the presence of food and fashion in numerous reality shows; the birth of foundations as Prada in Milan, Louis Vuitton in Paris, Fendi in Rome.


Andy Warhol, Campbelles Soup. 


Vanessa Beecroft. VB45 Wien






In addition, there is a lot of new artist’s research in this overlapping field. We need only think to the Vanessa Beecroft performance, Antonio Marras latest exhibitions, Germano Celant show at La Triennale di Milano during the Expo 2015; Louise Bourgeois installations; Rirkrit Tiravanija relational project; Daniel Spoerri artwork. Don't miss the opportunity to see the works by Joe Tilson, Andrea Sangalli, Florence di Benedetto on Kooness. 


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