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Maybe it can appear exaggerated, but in human history there are many examples of a private temple built with the specific aim to transmit and preserve the owner personal activities in eternal.

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Indeed, thanks to art and culture there are not temporal limits, both of these two spheres goes beyond the human experience. Just try to think about the pyramids, Roman Domus, medieval castles; until the first churches, huge palaces or after the French Enlightenment, the first examples of modern museums. If you really aim to leave a trace in the collective memory, share beauty and knowledge seems the best method. We already wrote about private Foundations worldwide. Don't miss these two articles both dedicated to the relation between private businesses and Contemporary Art: The case of Switzerland / The case of Italy...

Perhaps more than any other contemporary places, museums and foundations are making symbolic mechanisms, communicative devices, trends and expectations of the current cultural visible landscape. Is not my personal opinion, there are many critics, philosophers and sociologists that are supporting this theory. So, as ever, to promote and communicate culture can give and express a huge power together with the ability to influences the masses. From these numerous books there’s one curated by Stefano Chiodi titled “Functions of the Museum” that thanks to the contribute of many actors as Daniel Buren, Wouter Davidts, Jimmie Durham, Federico Ferrari, Andrea Fraser, Boris Groys, Hans Haacke, Ana Janevski, Joseph Kosuth, Gianfranco Maraniello, Claudia Marfella, Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli, Anna Mattirolo, Maria Grazia Messina, Cesare Pietroiusti, Giorgio Verzotti, Marc-Olivier Wahler, John C. Welchman, Stefania Zuliani, it can be very helpful in order to analyze this process. Read more about the most 10 Unmissable Exhibitions in 2019...


Tomás Saraceno, On Space Time Foam, Pirelli HangarBicocca. Courtresy Pirelli HangarBicocca


Of course inside this volume there are positive and negative opinion about the new role played by the cultural institutions, instead it’s a common opinion that in the last ten years contemporary art be a massive trend, and the museums important social places - as the cinema or stadium – and tools for the urban requalification of degraded areas. Well, it’s clear that the growing nature of museum/foundation it’s ambivalent, somebody goes there just to post a new photo on Instagram and someone else to be cool with its friends, but more people in the museum than at the pub or in disco it's already an excellent result.

There is who said that everything, also the culture, it’s intended to be swallowed by the new “society of the spectacle” (Guy Debord) or whose have sustained that there's a growing attention just for the “Relational Aesthetics” (Nicolas Bourriaud) of artworks, but what I want to believe is that in every kind of museum “it's guarded the possibilities of a world” (Jean - Luc Nancy).


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