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We live in a colourful world, every photo or important memorise in our life it's full of different shades of colour, but when we compare colour photos to black and white ones there's no game. 

Is stronger than us… black and white photos have this kind of magnetical appeal, brings to our mind historical events, greatest movies, close memories from the past. After all, still now author’s photos are often black and white, and this style it's never been left by the art world. From birth till now, black and white photography represent a kind that which artists are facing.


Ugo Ricciardi, Nightscapes - Theatre of Segesta #2, 2018. 


Indeed, takes black and white picture denotes a very courage choice because the artist consciously deprives us to the fundamental element of our vision, the colour, and by doing so he risks to make what is definable "monochromatic" or in the worst way "flat". And it is precisely here that the photographer’s artistic vein must intervene to give the magic touch. Just start thinking about great masters as Alfred Stieglitz with is unforgettable black and white landscape photography; Ansel Adams and his black and white flower photography; Robert Mapplethorpe famous for black and white nude photography, Elliott Erwitt with is black and white portrait photography; Sarah Moon for the black and white fashion photography. Just a few names but fundamental in the history of this medium to have created real genres. 


Jennifer Abessira, When I'll Die, I Wanna Turn into Marble, 2014. 


Seb Janiak, Gravity liquid 83 (Large), works detail, 2015. 


So, we decided to put together some beautiful shots from the Kooness Photography Area, hoping that you will find your favourite one or at least more inspiration for start to making your own one. The selected artists are: Seb JaniakTenesh WebberJonny BriggsJennifer AbessiraUgo Ricciardi. Pictures in the cover by Alexandra Lethbridge: Standard Eye Movements, 2016 - Spoons, 2016.  


Jonny Briggs, The Silent Image works detail, 2018. 


Tenesh Webber, Mid Point 3, 2015.


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