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Jane Waterous celebrates love and connection in her Gatherings series

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Jane Waterous is a multidisciplinary Canadian artist born in 1959. She has been devoted to art since her toddler years. This led her to pursue art studies in her birth city at Ontario College of Art & Design, tailed by a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at the New York University. She eventually moved to the Bahamas and has been painting and working as an art director since then.


My Heart 3810, Jane Waterous, 2022. Courtesy of Whistler Contemporary Gallery


The artist uses her first-hand experiences such as travel to shape her art. Different regions combined to their unique style speak to people no matter their background. Journeys and explorations around the Eastern hemisphere, Europe, Mexico or elsewhere manage to leave no borders to her pieces, and reach every mind around the globe. Today, the internationally acclaimed artist is best known for the variety of acrylic works, the use of raisin and neon installations. Her battle horse is undeniably her Gatherings series, which won her the Solo Artist Award in 2012 at the New York Art Expo.

Jane Waterous takes her inspiration from get-togethers as she believes “life is a series of Gatherings, everything that matters in life, happens when we Gather.” As a matter of fact, her paintings tell a story of a lived life; past and present experiences of people coming together. Mutual to her attraction and inspiration to people, places and connection, people are drawn to her personality and creations.


Family Circle 3797, Jane Waterous, 2022. Courtesy of Whistler Contemporary Art 

Her concept to share moments and life events give a positive outlook on her artworks and have the intention to convey a feeling of joy, literally and figuratively using sculpture-like-3-dimensional figures jumping off the canvas and dancing in a synergistic halo of light, depth, and colour. From a distance, the artworks of the series show a coherent image. Close up, the portrayed personalities come to life through colour and movement. Human relationships and true essence are emphasized through the bright individuals who form shapes, texts and notions. The aim is to bring magic to the environment via the element that drives the world; love in all its forms. 

Jane’s wide-reaching series is often bought by significant collectors such as Fortune 500 executives, senior political figures, Royal Family members, Hollywood A-listers, music and sport celebrities.


Yin Yang, Jane Waterous, 2021. Courtesy of Whistler Contemporary Art

However, Gatherings is not the only series where Waterous’ themes are carried on, yet “Into the Blue” cherishes childlike moments by representing kids and adults jumping off a deck. 

The Whistler Contemporary Gallery promotes both national and international contemporary emerging, mid-career and established artists. The art styles they sell include landscape, figurative and abstract. The gallery offers a selection of original paintings, multi-media work, glass and sculpture. The gallery has two locations in the Hilton Resort and Spa and the Four Seasons Whistler Resort. The resort itself attracts over two million visitors each year and is often rated as #1 ski resort in North America. Whistler Contemporary Gallery has been in the art business since 1992.

Cover image: Boxed In, 2019, Jane Waterous. Courtesy of Whistler Contemporary Gallery

Written by: Sveva Berto

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