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Today we had a chat with our great partner Whistler Contemporary Gallery, and we vividly suggest you go and check out all their artists...

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Would you like to tell us more about your story and about how you began your project back in 1992?

The Whistler Contemporary Gallery was originally founded in 1992 and has become a destination for well-curated contemporary art for our worldwide clientele.

The gallery is dedicated to displaying the work of artists at mid-to-established stages of their careers, including internationally renowned names such as David Yarrow, Jeff Koons, Dale Chihuly, Stallman Studios, Mr.Brainwash, Gloria Estefanell and Jane Waterous. The works consist of multiple mediums such as sculpture, photography, oil and acrylic paintings, mixed media, and abstract. We have an incredibly dedicated team with a deep history, and love for what we do best.

Your artistic roster includes incredible emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Would you explain to us how you scout emerging artists and how you decide what established artists to represent?

The process of bringing in new artists is always an amazing, fun, and collaborative experience! Our team helps curate, vett, interview, and source new artists. Quite a few of our artists reach out directly to us, as they have either visited the gallery or have a mutual interest in having us represent them to our wonderful clientele.


MAX STEVEN GROSSMAN, Music CNT, 2022. Courtesy Whistler Contemporary Art

The International Art Scene is rapidly changing these days... According to your experience, how did the artistic scene change in the last ten years in Canada? Have you registered any interesting trends?

We are thrilled to have seen more collectors enter the scene, as well as artists being better supported by the public and appreciated for the lifetime of dedication to their craft. As the world has slightly shifted to being aware of how one feels, and how it makes you feel - the appreciation in the craft and adding it to your everyday surroundings can do great things to your mental wellbeing, and enjoyment of a space.

Our team is dedicated to finding the right piece, for the right space, and working tirelessly with our clients, and their own designers at times - to really be relied upon for that next great piece to add to their personal or companies collection. Our team would love to hear how we can help curate the perfect assortment for you.

You are present on Kooness and on many other digital platforms. What are your thoughts about the transaction to the online art market?

Digital platforms have been an incredible way for us to expand our audience and reach out to new collectors. Even before the pandemic our team has been engaged in online resources, and using it as a tool for creative success to support our artists.

We strive to always find new ways to showcase, invest, and achieve great exposure results for all of the wonderful pieces we have in our galleries. We want the world to enjoy them, and the digital realm is just another tool to support our artists, as are all of our other marketing efforts.

The best way to see what we are doing online is to visit our website frequently, as we are constantly updating, and rotating our featured artists, and adding new individuals we know you will love to collect. 

One last question, do any of your artists work with NFTs? If so, how are you managing this new media and what are your thoughts about the transaction to Web 3.0?

Any form of art is supported, and celebrated. We applaud those taking steps, and chances in their careers to be on the cutting edge, and open up to a potential new market of collectors that may have never been a part of the traditional art world.

Our team always has our hand on the pulse, and we invest and move with quality opportunities in our space.


PAUL ROUSSO, Kit Kat King Size 2, 2018 ​​​​​​. Courtesy Whistler Contemporary Art

Cover image: JANE WATEROUS, Love 3789, 2022. Courtesy Whistler Contemporary Art

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