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Urban art is becoming more & more popular, turning into a vibrant cultural movement.

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Urban art has emerged as a powerful vehicle for cultural expression and creative inspiration. Around the world, urban art festivals turn cities into open air, accessible galleries giving local and international artists the possibility to showcase their works on big murals around the streets. Not only these festivals catch enthusiasts attention but also cultivate a distinctive form of tourism, elevating cities into coveted destinations for street art aficionados. 


One of the most famous and big festivals of this global movement is the Nuart festival in the city of Stavanger, Norway. Established in 2001, this pioneering festival holds the honor of being the world's inaugural street art festival. Nuart originated as a music gathering, but now evolved into a platform for artists to meet, exchange ideas, and celebrate the dynamic realm of street art. Since its first edition, Nuart has transformed and continuously inspired massive street art festivals around the globe, each contributing to the global tapestry of Urban Art and muralism. As already mentioned, Nuart is the first street art festival established in 2001. It was founded by the arts and curator Martyn Reed and it is now a platform for statistics, artists and passionate individuals who are willing to exchange ideas. As Reed stated: “Nuart continues to pioneer a new breed of art project, one that is neither institutional nor commercial. Without the usual restraints of curatorial and corporate preferences, the event consistently breaks new ground, challenging the participants and expanding the form whilst improving the conditions that may allow others to follow.”

Nuart Festival, Stavanger. Courtesy of VisitorNorway.



Upfest is another festival born in Banksy's hometown, Bristol, in 2008. It has steadily grown in size and popularity since then. This lively event primarily takes place in the Bedminster area of the city, attracting skilled street artists and muralists from around the world. An interesting aspect of Upfest is its annual mural transformations, ensuring that the neighborhood's appearance is constantly evolving. This ongoing change continues to fascinate visitors year after year. The festival hosts over 350 artists, creating a neighborhood-wide celebration that appeals to people of all ages, promoting street art as a legitimate form of artistic expression and giving a sense of community and creativity among individuals. This year the festival is going to host a 17 days program, which will change the whole design of the city.


Wynwood Walls Festival, Miami. Courtesy of Wynwood Walls.


Wynwood Walls is an open air street art museum in Miami. Established by Tony Goldman in 2009, this acclaimed street art neighborhood was founded by the forward-thinking real estate developer, who revitalized a formerly industrial warehouse district just north of downtown Miami into a dynamic cultural hub. Wynwood Walls functions as an outdoor art park, exhibiting an ever-evolving array of striking murals and Urban Art masterpieces created by international artists. The area enhances creativity, particularly during the early weeks of December, coinciding with the contemporary art fair Art Basel Miami Beach and the Scope Art fair.



The Street Art Fest of Grenoble is another renomated festival in the urban art scene. Curated by Jérôme Catz and Spacejunk Grenoble, it is a lively celebration of innovation set in a dynamic urban environment adorned with vibrant colors, striking shapes, and inspiring messages. The festival has two main objectives: to create art that is accessible to everyone and to encourage interactions between artists and the public. These interactions are facilitated through ongoing mediation and the organization of various educational satellite projects.

Street Art Fest, Grenoble. Courtesy of Widewalls.


The Brisbane Street Art Festival (BSAF) is an annual event that has been taking place in Brisbane, Australia since 2016. It showcases large-scale street art murals and installations throughout the city, bringing together artists from around the globe to collaborate and exchange cultural ideas. BSAF actively encourages public participation through guided tours, workshops, exhibitions, and live performances, aiming to highlight Street Art as a legitimate form of expression. The festival seeks to revitalize the urban landscape by incorporating art into various locations across the city, spanning from the central business district to inner-city suburbs and other areas. BSAF's mural sites and event locations are subject to change each year as the festival continues to develop and grow.



Brisbane Street Art Festival (BSAF), Brisbane. Courtesy of BNE ART.


Cover image: Wynwood Walls from Above. Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Written by Asia Artom

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