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Hybrid Art Fair is the newcomer to the art world exhibiting innovative and disruptive works from the 7th to the 10th March in Madrid.

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This month Hybrid Art Fair will take place in the Spanish capital city Madrid. With its first event taking place in 2016, the newcomer in the art world brings an innovative tone to Madrid's art scene thanks to the exhibited modern art. Hybrid is considered to be a different and disruptive international contemporary art event that focuses on presenting experimental artworks, site specific installations and different artistic disciplines. In fact, visitors can find edgy paintings, sculptures, photographs, prints and installations. The fair hosts artistic performances, creating an immersive environment that engages audiences and interesting conversations. This year, 30 national and international exhibitors take part in the perfect pool for emerging and middle career artists, whose an essential point of connection for collectors.

Sonia Salvador. Courtesy of Hybrid Art Fair.

The boundary-pushing fair takes place in an unusual setting - in fact, the hotel rooms of Plaza Santa Barbara become exhibition venues. From unconventional exhibition spaces to interactive multimedia installations, the fair encourages the curators and artists to think outside the box and embrace new forms of expression. The singular location and the transdisciplinary artistic program offered by the fair, stands out and gives a unique experience to the participants. It offers direct contact with the creators and surprising experiences. One of the key features of the fair is its emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility. This commitment to diversity ensures that the fair reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of the contemporary art world. In addition, it offers the possibility of buying ultra-contemporary pieces at a reasonable budget, aiming to expand the possibilities of young passionate collectors.

Miguel Watio, Buscando inspiración. Courtesy of Galería Lucía Dueñas, 

The Galleries that are going to be present at the Hybrid Art Fair 2024 are the following: Asociación Islas Canarias de Artistas Visuales (AICAV) (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain); Les Nouveaux Riches, (Foro Cultural de Austria / Parallel Vienna); La Cabina (Madrid, Spain); Raum E116 (Berlin, Germany); We Art Exhibition (Madrid, Spain); Cobertura Photo (Sevilla, Spain); Aya Sawada (Japan Foundation); Más Cara Que Espalda (Sevilla, Spain); Galeria Azul (Madrid, Berlin, Miami, New York, Buenos Aires); Dosmilvacas (Ponferrada, Spain); La Ecléctica (Huelva, Spain); La Doce (A Couruna, Spain); AKA artist-run (Saskatoon, Canada); Beatriz Pereira Gallery (Palasencia, Spain); Amagats (Barcellona, Spain); Bloc Art (Lima, Perù); Yiri Arts (Taipei); Anna Nova Gallery (St. Petersburgo, Rusha); Margullo Books (Las Palmas Gran Canaria); Veo Arte en todas pArtes (Madrid, Spain); Railowsky (Valencia, Spain); La Transformadora (Sevilla, Spain); La Parida Gallery (Madrid, Spain); Dom Art Redidency (Sitges, Spain); Pro Arte Foundation (Samborondón, Ecuador); Collection Emigre (Tokyo Japan); Canal Gallery (Barcellona, Spain); Estudio Vargas 13 (Madrid, Spain); Backbeatbolaget KONST (Sandviken, Swiss); Galeria Lucia Duena (Oviedo, Spain); da Filippo Contemporary (Zurich, Menorca); Sarao Studio (A Coruna, Spain); The Stendhal Room (Madrid, Spain); EX- MÊKH (The Hague, Netherlands): Ulf Larson Gallery (Cologne, Germany); Espacio Punto Nemo (Madrid, Spain).

In addition, Les Nouveaux Riches, in cooperation with PARALLEL Vienna and supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Madrid, will be participating in this 8th edition of Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid this March 2024. The participation of Les Nouveaux Riches is part of an artistic exchange between the Hybrid Art Fair and PARALLEL Vienna.

Hybrid Art Fair is a dynamic event that celebrates the vitality and diversity of the contemporary art world. It gives space and voice to the artistic expression of established and emerging artists, promoting collaborations and exchanges of ideas and conversations. With its commitment to inclusivity and artistic excellence the fair attracts new audiences and it pushes the boundaries of the art world.

Cover image: Hybrid Art Fair. Courtesy of Hybrid Art Fair.

Written by Asia Artom

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