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Aerocene Pacha is the name of the latest project by Tomás Saraceno. A large hot air balloon capable of flying with the help of solar energy, that recently won six Guinness Book of Records. Contemporary art has accustomed us to rather spectacular works: from the colossus of Damien Hirst in Venice to the spatial sculpture of Trevor Paglen. Tomás Saraceno is not new to ambitious installations but this time its bigger and better.

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In fact, for his latest work, Saraceno has surpassed six world firsts, with his hot air balloon powered by solar energy that he successfully flew over the Argentinian salt lake.
The Argentine artist's project was commissioned by BTS a South Korean music group formed in Seoul in 2013, one of the leading exponents of K-Pop's genre. We are talking about a superpower of the music industry, given that in 2018 they were the second in terms of sales worldwide according to the IFPI - International Federation of the Phonographic Industry - and each year they earn more than 5.5 trillion won ( 4 million in euros). Saraceno's project is just one of the several planned by CONNECT, the public art program promoted by Bangtan Boys, which will support other artistic projects in four other cities: London, Berlin, Seoul and New York.


Fly with Aerocene Pacha. Courtesy STUDIO TOMÁS SARACENO 


Powered exclusively by sun and air, without the use of lithium, solar panels, helium or fossil fuels. Saraceno hot air balloon represents the historic result of a wide interdisciplinary collaboration between experts in the field of art, scientists and environmental activists. This flying work is titled Aerocene Pacha, in reference to the Saraceno's Aerocene Foundation - an artistic community dedicated to the environmental causes. On the test day, the hot air balloon reached a height of 270 meters, for an hour and 21 minutes, covering a distance of 2.5 kilometres. This trip according to World Air Sports Federation has set several world records, for altitude, distance and duration of the hot air balloon flight powered without propane. Three records count for two because they fall both into the general and women's categories, indeed the driver was Leticia Marques. A movie dedicated to all the various project's phases will be exhibited at Kirchner Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, from 31 January to 22 March 2020.

Cover image: Aerocene Pacha. Courtesy STUDIO TOMÁS SARACENO 

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