Home Magazine The Sound of Color: Art by Richard Schur


Richard Schur is a German artist, born in 1971 in Munich, currently living and working in Munich and Berlin, Germany.

Richard Schurs abstract paintings, large and small, employ a grid-based code of ever-mutating sequence of color.

Discovering newly surprising harmonies in the interplay of colors – from natural to artificial, from subtle to raw – in what up close prove to be creamily painterly surfaces he creates serene visual spaces. For Schur, abstraction is “a place of collective and personal memories, experiences and emotions”. He clearly shows his interest in the directness of Expressionism, the clarity of Hard Edge and the precision of the Renaissance painters.

He plays with color and openness, central terms in his painting.

Richard Schur himself says his paintings:

are all about color, precisely said about what color evokes: the visual space in my paintings opens the door to another, transcendental space. Exactly there lies what interests me. One could say, my art starts where rationality, where the descriptive words end. Somewhere out there lies the mystery of painting”.

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Richard Schur - Moon shadow,  2017 (acrylic on canvas, cm. 200x150)


Richard Schur - Sensation,  2017 (acrylic on canvas, cm. 140x110)