Home Magazine ​​The Nomadic Art Gallery: The Artful Bridge Between New Zealand and Europe

The Nomadic Art Gallery is a unique concept in the art world, offering an innovative approach to exhibiting and promoting contemporary art. Founded by Arthur Buerms and long-time partner Gie in 2020, the gallery brings a breath of fresh air to the global art scene, showcasing New Zealand art throughout Europe.

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The Nomadic Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery and public art and research project founded in 2020 by Arthur Buerms and his partner Gie. The gallery, which is based in Leuven, Belgium, operates through a cyclical model that involves two alternating phases. The first phase involves the immersion of the duo in an underrepresented art scene, during which they invest in a mobile vehicle to conduct research in the given location, the latter ultimately becoming a public art project. The second phase takes place in a transitional gallery space in Europe, where the duo initiates a dialogue between their research and the European contemporary art scene, through a program of both physical and online exhibitions.

In 2020, Buerms and Gie created The Nomadic Art Gallery, an art gallery on wheels that hosted 16 exhibitions throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand, during the year of the worldwide pandemic. The truck served as a medium to forge networks and shared opportunities within the creative industry. While the inside served as a gallery space for unconventional pop-up exhibitions and public performances, the outside of the truck featured the work of 106 artists who added their visual mark to an unusual canvas. The truck is now a public artwork for Connells Bay Sculpture Park on Waiheke Island.