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With the meaning of luxury being more and more bonded with the concept of exclusivity, customization, high quality and longevity, companies such as LOREMO made of those elements its signature and made their way in the international gallery scene focusing on creating personal and unique artworks that are perfectly tailored to the customers request in colours, canvas size and artist style in order to match the own interior design colours and personality attributes.

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LOREMO is a highly exclusive art gallery for commissioned paintings placed in the luxury segment of the international art market. Through the convergence of design, expressionism, art and emotion, the founder and managing director Franziska Scheuerle made her passion for contemporary abstract art and high quality interior design her purpose of life. Inspired by the creative and extravagant atmosphere of Paris, she conceived the idea of coLOREMOtions with the aim of bringing aesthetical pleasure into everyone’s home.

Figure 1. Valerie Cee, Goldnebel, 2023. Courtesy of LOREMO Art


The service is also available to B2B customers, with the opportunity to buy customised artwork in their corporate identity colours in order to bring colours into dull offices and empty wall spaces. Based on the concept is a scientific proven study that abstract modern art painted in the corporate identity colours of a company leads to a higher identification of employees with the company itself and in general to more innovation spirit, creativity and productivity.

The main focus for LOREMO is clearly on individuality. Starting from an algorithm-based configurator, every customer can receive suggestions based on already existing interiors and furniture, but also personality or painting style he prefers. Providing also the possibility of a sixty minute colour and art consultation with a proven expert, they give the highest importance to listening to clients' opinions and requests in order to better meet their expectations and turn their dream artwork into reality.



Figure 2. Julia Magdeburg, Glow, 2022. Courtesy of LOREMO Art


At LOREMO they believe in colour psychology and see them as a powerful tool capable to reflect our soul and to influence our mood. When viewing our favourite colours we unconsciously experience positive emotions and our body releases endorphins, that’s why a big attention is also given to this choice so that the artwork displayed can be as close as possible to everyone’s individual necessity. The interaction of the artist’s mind and ability with the brushstrokes on the canvas creates one of a kind paintings capable of moving, touching and inspiring. Just the artist himself can sense when an artwork is finished through a unique feeling and a special eye for beauty, both given by expertise and developed artistic abilities that he puts at the service of anyone who requests them.


Figure 3. Renata Schepmann, Rhythm, 2022. Courtesy of LOREMO Art

The choice of abstract art upon every other style relies on the scientific evidence that abstract painting allows the artist to fully express his potential and be more creative and innovative. Also known as non figurative art, the abstract gives its beauty to the unreality that characterise it and that gives the viewer the possibility to let his imagination run free. 

More than a simple art gallery, LOREMO is an incubator of aesthetic dreams, the perfect place if you want to make your house stylish and unique or surprise someone special with the perfect long-lasting gift.

Cover image: courtesy of LOREMO Art

Written by Loremo Art Gallery

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