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2021 is looking like an exciting year for the art scene in London. And, here is the list of shows you won’t want to miss!

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Although we are entering 2021 still very much stuck to the problems of 2020, everyone is longing the day we can all go back to normal. Despite London tier 4 lockdown and tighter restrictions, Galleries and museums are still holding on to their highly waited announced exhibitions coming up this year. As we want to share the same hope with you, we present you this list of five shows we are excited about. So be ready to check them out in person or, if this won’t be the case, online! 

1. Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Rooms at Tate Modern

Kusama's works are always a favourite! The immersive artist installations are a remarkable memory to experience and a great Instagram scenario for the visitor pictures. This exhibition will be a "rare chance to experience" Kusama's Infinity Mirror Rooms. It will open on the 29th March 2021 and will go until 27th March 2022- plenty of time! You can book your tickets online for only £10.



Yayoi Kusama, “Infinity Mirrored Room - Filled with the Brilliance of Life”,  2011/2017.Via TATE 


2. David Hockney: The Arrival of Spring, Normandy, 2020 at The Royal Academy of Arts

Royal Academy has huge names on its list of exhibitions for this year. One of them is the praised British painter David Hockney. This exhibition will present Hockney's latest works made during the first lockdown period of 2020- digital paintings that are a "joyous celebration of the seasons" made at the artists home in Normandy. A must watch opening on 27th March


David Hockney, “No. 323” , 13th May 2020. Via The Royal Academy of Arts


3. Tracey Emin / Edvard Munch The Loneliness of the Soul at Royal Academy of Arts

This exhibition opened in November 2020, but as most people probably haven't seen yet, we decided to give it a highlight. Featuring 25 of Emin's paintings, neons and sculptures, this exhibition focus on the loneliness often depicted in Emin's work as a relating point with the loneliness lots of people felt throughout last year. Along with Emin's works, you can also see some delicately selected Edvard Munch paintings. Closing on 28th February.


Tracey Emin, “Because You Kept Touching Me”, 2019. Via The Royal Academy of Arts.


4. Francis Bacon: Man and Beast at The Royal Academy of Arts

This major exhibition will focus on Francis Bacon visceral paintings, where the line between animal and human is blurred. In "Francis Bacon: Man and Beast" you will be able to see a span of his 50-year career along with never exhibited before paintings. Opening on 30th January until 18th April 2021.



Francis Bacon, “Study for Bullfight No. 1”, 1969. Via The Royal Academy of Arts.


5. Marina Abramović at The Royal Academy of Arts

Last but not least, this highly awaited exhibition is hopefully happening by late 2021. Opening on 25th September 2021 at the Royal Academy of Arts is Marina Abramovic first UK major exhibition spanning her life's work. Abramovic is highly recognized for her controversial and risky performances, testing the limits of her own physical and mental endurance. This exhibition is expected to be sold out near the opening date. For that reason, we recommend that you book your tickets now if you really want to see this incredible exhibition as soon as possible! Prices start at £20.



Marina Abramović, ‘Artist Portrait with a Candle (A)’, from the series With Eyes Closed I See Happiness, 2012. Via The Royal Academy of Arts.


Cover image: Marina Abramović, ‘Artist Portrait with a Candle (A)’, from the series With Eyes Closed I See Happiness, 2012. Via The Royal Academy of Arts.

Written by Tania Teixeira

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