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It's official! On November 1st the Garage Museum director Anton Belov has declared the new collaboration for the following 2020 year with the ex-Stedelijk Museum director Beatrix Ruf. However, these news might create some suspicion due to the serious accusations of conflicting interests between the museum and director's private consulting before (leading the curator to leave her position in 2017).


In October 2017 Director Beatrix Ruf had to resign from her role as director after the accusations of conflicting interests due to her dual activity as director of the museums and as a manager of an art consultancy company registered in Switzerland. Additionally, there was a lack of transparency in the negotiations with the main donors of the museum. RUF has always defended herself by supporting the absolute regularity of her position.

“Many people have unjustly believed that these profits came from collateral activities conducted in 2015 during my activity at Stedelijk Museum, but instead this money income for activities carried out before 2015, firstly a bonus for the work that I conducted for Ringier Collection valued of 1 million Swiss francs."  After almost a year and a 120-page report, the researchers concluded that Ruf had been “wrongly accused”. Three members of the Stedelijk Director Board gave the resignation in order to allow the museum to look ahead. So it would seem. 


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art



Back in 2015 Ruf was appointed to the Garage Advisory Council, which steers “the ongoing structural and programmatic development” over three years. Now the Russian institution has revealed that Ruf will work on a long-term development plan for the museum by helping the Garage develop exhibitions, educational initiatives, and partnership projects. Nothing happens by chance, indeed, Ruf's assignment comes after the departure from Garage of Kate Fowle (working there as the chief curator for six years as the chief) to MoMA PS1.   


Finally, Garage Museum has announced the extensive plans of conferences and programs, here a sign: 

Next year, Garage will host three large-scale forums exploring some of the key trends in the development of cultural institutions. The 8th Garage International Conference will explore the relationship between art and technology and will bring together artists and theorists interested in new media. Inclusive Programs department will present findings based on work with disabled visitors over the past five years on a special online platform. The Museum’s work with migrants and refugees will take a number of directions, including training tour guides that have had experience in migration; running courses for young professionals interested in researching or working with migration; and developing a program introducing children of migrants and refugees to the work of various cultural institutions...

Cover image: Ruf was cleared of alleged conflicts of interest in June last year © Michael Stewart/Getty Images

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