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Hong Kong, Palo Alto, Geneva, Seul, London, and now a stunning space in New York! Pace Gallery is ready to open its new headquarters today September 25th, in the heart of Manhattan’s Chelsea neighbourhood at 540 West 25th Street. Designed by Bonetti / Kozerski Architecture, in close collaboration with Pace President and CEO Marc Glimcher, the Pace’s new global headquarters measuring approximately 75,000 square feet. 

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With a wonderful skyline on the city of New York and a dynamic space thought for artists, collectors, curators, and gallery-goers, the building seems to be approaching the best museum standards. Indeed, as declared by the CEO Marc Glimcher:

“Designing this new building alongside Bonetti / Kozerski and Weinberg Properties has given our team at Pace the opportunity to approach, with fresh eyes, the question of what it means to be an art gallery in the 21st century. It allowed us to take a nuanced look at the fundamentals of what we do, where we believe the art world is heading, and how we can create a space that will empower us to continue to serve our artists and our community to the fullest extent of our abilities and ambitions. Every element of this new building – from the first-floor research library to the sixth-floor outdoor terrace gallery, to the seventh floor’s flexible performance and programming space – was shaped to allow us to tell the inspiring stories of our artists as dynamically and richly as they deserve to be told. That is an immense privilege that we don’t take lightly and we see this new building not as an end in itself, but as a catalyst for continual innovation and evolution as a gallery.” 


Architectural rendering of the seventh-floor gallery of 540 West 25th Street, New York.Courtesy of Bonetti / Kozerski Architecture.


Each floor of the gallery was designed to accommodate specific artistic media, from traditional ones to large-scale sculptural installations and choreographical performances. “The chance to design this innovative gallery project for Weinberg Properties and Pace was a unique opportunity,” remarked Bonetti / Kozerski Architecture. “We were challenged to re-evaluate the gallery paradigm, both in terms of building and gallery design, whilst being supported to make in-depth studies into materiality, natural and artificial light, as well as building construction technologies. The result is a project that reflects our close collaboration with both Weinberg Properties and Pace, and a structure that will further enhance the burgeoning Chelsea neighborhood—with a strong street and skyline presence, materials that will age gracefully, and a variety of dynamic indoor and outdoor spaces for people to experience and be inspired by art from around the world.” 

Read more on the official PACE GALLERY website...

Cover image: Architectural rendering of 540 West 25th Street, New York.Courtesy of Bonetti / Kozerski Architecture.


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