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Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, The Art People Gallery (TAPG) has been a beacon of artistic expression since its establishment in 2015. With its flagship gallery situated in Klang, Malaysia, this gallery is more than just a showcase for art; it's a celebration of creativity, talent, and generosity. Now, TAPG is set to extend its reach beyond its home turf with its participation in the prestigious Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong.

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The Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong presents worldwide galleries and their contemporary artworks to art enthusiasts and collectors alike. TAPG's presence at this esteemed event underscores its commitment to innovation and its dedication to promoting both established and emerging artists from Malaysia and the broader Southeast Asian region.

Among the highlights of TAPG's showcase are the works of several artists, each offering a unique perspective and aesthetic. Emy Thiran, Jennifer Tan, Lisa Wong Sook Kuan, Mark Lee, Yap Chin Hoe, and Karry Hon stand out with their distinctive styles and creative prowess.

Emy Thiran, a multifaceted artist, writer, designer, and educator, brings a wealth of experience and insight to her work. With a background in fine arts and art history, Thiran's creations are imbued with depth and meaning, reflecting her profound understanding of the artistic process. She has been teaching design, visual art studies and art history in various universities while freelancing as a graphic designer. She is the author of Living Art: The Inspired Lives of 14 Malaysian Artists & their Art Practice (Areca Books 2020).


Emy Thiran. Compassion Prints, 2020. Courtesy of The Art People Gallery


Jennifer Tan, a Malaysian artist who spent over two decades in Hong Kong, catched the audience’s attention through her evocative paintings that capture the essence of the natural world. Jennifer loves the feeling of losing herself in the painting to indeed be herself. Change over time is inevitable and her journey as an artist is no exception. Her art, like her life, has evolved from one of energetic spontaneity to calm intentionality. The work evokes a relationship between color, perspective, and form, as they are mobilized to convey meaning. Her "beLonging Series," inspired by her return to Hong Kong during the COVID-19 pandemic, offers a poignant reflection on the beauty of nature between urban chaos. She continues to be inspired by the beauty of the natural world, and strives to capture its essence in her pieces. Through her artistic vision, she was able to strip Hong Kong’s famous concrete jungle down to just its original form, its landscape. Highlighting the beauty of Hong Kong’s natural shapes and curves that most people tend to miss due to the bustling vibe that “the city that never sleeps” is known for. This series is such a stark contrast to what people usually think of Hong Kong to be, but Jennifer manages to capture the essence of an overlooked Hong Kong. She masterfully captures a sense of serenity she has discovered about the city and puts it on canvas for all of us to feel.

Jennifer Tan. Long Silence, 2022. Courtesy of The Art People Gallery


Lisa Wong Sook Kuan, a graduate of the California College of the Arts, showcases her talent for creating imaginary spaces that blur the line between reality and fantasy. Through her intricate illustrations, she invites viewers into a world where everyday objects take on a surreal significance. The artist focuses on objects that range from a pet goldfish, to a cake, to an interior space.

Mark Lee, a former film director turned painter, blends his works with vibrant colors and dynamic compositions. His exploration of themes such as love, energy, and the beauty of nature resonates deeply with his audience, offering a visual explosion of colours for the senses.

Mark Lee. Midnight Summer's Breeze, 2023. Courtesy of The Art People Gallery

Yap Chin Hoe, with his masterful depiction of Oriental antique-wares, transports viewers to a world of elegance and grace. Through his meticulous brushstrokes and vivid palette, he captures the timeless beauty of traditional Asian art forms, such as vases. 

Chin Hoe Yap. Blessing All Around, 2022. Courtesy of The Art People Gallery.

Beyond its showcase at the Affordable Art Fair, TAPG remains committed to its mission toawrds artistic dialogue and engagement. Through a number of exhibitions, fairs, talks, and digital platforms, the gallery seeks to connect artists, collectors, and enthusiasts from around the world. With its international arm in Hong Kong, TAPG continues to serve as a bridge between local and international artistic communities, enriching the cultural landscape of both Malaysia and beyond.

For art lovers and collectors attending the Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong, TAPG's booth at Stand G10 promises a journey of discovery and inspiration. From bold contemporary pieces to timeless classics, the gallery's diverse selection of artworks offers something for every taste and sensibility. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the vibrant world of Malaysian and Southeast Asian art at its finest.

Cover Image: Lisa Sook Kuan. Sanctuary, 2020. Courtesy of The Art People Gallery.

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