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Works by Mark Lee

Mt. Phoenix


152 x 152 x 4cm

2702,70 €

Valley of Hope


183 x 183 x 4cm

4054,05 €



91 x 91 x 2cm

3513,51 €

Mark Lee is a contemporary and abstract expressionism artist from Malaysia. The film director and PhD student turned to painting as a way to cope after falling into deep depression. "I started with black and white, and all my works were very sad in the beginning. But I slowly changed to brighter colours because life was getting much better as it goes" said Lee, who felt uplifted when he returned to religion.

Lee is now proud to display his latest series of works in his first solo exhibition titled "Her". To the viewer, "Her" could be thought of as the embodiment of love. "The blend of colours places an emphasis on the world and how beautiful it is."

The mixed media pieces display an intense mix of deep, strong and vibrant colours, utilising techniques such as pouring, brush strokes and knife strokes. Many of the pieces use mainly oil and acrylic as a medium, but Lee started using black ink - the same one used in Chinese calligraphy - in his later pieces, to give the paintings a little bit of a Chinese touch.

Bright, vibrant circles are a recurring theme in many of Lee's works because for him, they symbolise energy, power and passion. The formation of the mountains in tandem with the positioning of the circles can also be seen as nature embodied in an almost human shape, creating a new facet to Lee's abstract depiction of love.