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With the happening of Art Genève, Art Voyage is curating a new exhibition fostering the works of six female artists.

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From the 25th of January the Lake Geneva region is going to host the 12th edition of Art Geneve. For this happening, the renomated Gallery Art Voyage has curated an exhibition exposing the work of six female artists. The exhibition named “Ancestral Call”, is an exhibition that combines paintings, objects and performance elements in a single space. The six female artists are: Dasha Pogodina, Olha Vlasova, Tetiana Pchelnykova, Anastasia Vasilyeva, Natalya Mougenot, Sve Gri.

Anastasia Vasilyeva is a Russian artist born in 1982. Her installation “Altar” is made from natural materials, such as stones, wax, amulets, ogams and terracotta sculptures. In spiritual knowledge the vegetation of the earth represents emotions. For the artist, “Altar”, is a way to communicate between humans and nature and to reflect on the interaction between the two species. With her technique of creating braids with grass, the artist aims to make an analogy of representing the tendency of humans to control their emotions forgetting to just be happy. However, communicating with the Anima Mundi, we communicate with nature, asking for help and protection.

Olha Vaslova, is a Ukranian artist born in 1994. Olha delves deeply into the examination of issues revolving around female self-identification and self-worth. She underscores the notion that every woman, irrespective of her chosen life path and physical appearance, is entitled to the same rights as men and deserves respectful consideration from society. Focusing on the experience of women confronted with sensitivity and femininity, the artist advocates for the harmonious coexistence of concepts such as playfulness and rationality. Through her artistic pursuits, Olha creates a space for self-expression, and embracing the principles of a newfound sincerity.


Olha Vaslova, Reflection, Melancholy serie, 2024. Courtesy of Art Voyage Gallery

Tetiana Pchelnykova is a professional mixed-media figurative and conceptual artist, based in Kyiv. She delves into the exploration of the profound role women play in society through her captivating paintings. Her art serves as a dialogue between past and present; tradition and innovation, encapsulated within the essence of women. Since 2018, Tetiana's paintings have graced both national and international exhibitions, including four solo showcases. 

In Natalya Mougenot’s artistic practice, she embraces metamodernism, encouraging a perspective that views the world through the lens of inner adulthood. This stance involves assuming responsibility for one's actions and inheriting knowledge and wisdom from ancestors. As both an artist and a woman, Natalya uses her art to convey the personal journey in search of harmony. For her, it's essential to feel the connection between the body, mind, and soul. Recognizing the significance of understanding one's roots as an integral part of the transformative journey. In her view, this path involves engaging with ancestors through visions, dreams, feelings, and perceptions, which she translates onto the canvas through her artistic expression. Through her art, she encourages viewers to reflect on the rich tapestry of their own cultural heritage.

Natalya Mougenot, No Limits, 2023. Courtesy of Art Voyage Gallery.

Dasha Pogodina, born in Ukraine in 1992, in her works searches for integrity. “The Ancestral” is for the artist a profound journey into the depths of self-identification. She delves into the intricate interplay between historical and contemporary perspectives on the female body and sexuality, and their impact on our perception of reality. The artist raises questions about finding harmony in the era of metamodernism, where everything constantly changes. Within this context, the artist's creativity is a response to the challenges of our time, serving as an exploration of what it means to achieve wholeness in the contemporary world. 

Sve Gre, is a Serbian Artist born in 1974. For the artist, the journey into the depths of the self is the most valuable. Through our subconscious, we tap into a universal connection with the world across all its epochs. Delving into a trance state, we can transport ourselves to bygone eras, experiencing the emotions felt by our ancestors and connecting with the elemental source of being. Sve conveys these feelings in her sculptures. She is influenced by the time she spent in Baikal during her youth, where she absorbed nature’s spiritualized space. There she entered into contact with shamans and after studying them she created drawings and installations.

Cover Image: Sve Gri, Ceramic Sculpture of a Woman Inner Balance, 2022. Courtesy of Art Voyage Gallery.

Written by Asia Artom

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