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Edina Soós aims to understand the limits of abstractions, expressing ideas with abstract forms, beyond the evocation of emotions.

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Edina Soós is a Hungarian artist who seeks to answer the question of how far it is possible to express ideas with abstract forms, beyond the evocation of emotions. She is represented by the famous gallery Teravana, based in Los Angeles, California. The artist aims to understand how much of a form needs to be shown to evoke an idea, an intuitive thought or any meaning in the recipient. In her works, she plays with the idea of hiding and revealing, exploring the different levels of abstraction, exploring the borderline between non-figurative and abstract modes of representation. In this way, her artworks evoke associations with birds, evolution, the origin of life and the involvement of a human being. Edina has a strong desire to know the origin as she is concerned about the question regarding his motherhood. The artistic process that characterizes her work is experimentation and improvisation. During the creation of her abstract artworks, at the beginning she follows a process-driven method. The gestures and shapes that are translated into the canvas are born from her subconscious in an intuitive manner. Conscious form making plays a pivotal role in her artistic process, emphasizing her sense of color and composition. 

The theme of Edina’s paintings reminds us of the beginnings of life. She represents the cell and the genes and the birth of an enormous universe. She aims to remind the audience to preserve our unique and inimitable human values and the importance of protecting our environment, willing to make an impact on the viewer’s thinking process. Recently, she started to explore digital expression as well as AI. Even though people might be negative about digital art, the artist finds the world of NFTs very interesting and useful for, as it can boost the artists creativity and increase their audience and sales.

In her series 'Alpha', the Hungarian artist depicts different states of the human psyche, including subconscious content like dreams or visions in an alpha state of mind. Her painting “Wayout '', offers an insight into a psychic state after a trauma.


Edina Soós, Way Out. Courtesy of Teravana Gallery.

In her artwork “5 Weeks 4 Days” the artist explores the theme of evolution and birth, whether it is the genesis of the universe, the origin of life or the evolution of a human being. This focus also stems from her subconscious contents emerging during his creative process, in which she developed a deeper self-awareness. When creating this artwork there was a strong emphasis on spontaneity. Her artistic process started by creating an abstract structure by putting gestures onto the canvas, then she gave a shape to it by hiding some surfaces with flat oil painting. The animal embryos evolved intuitively on the canva.

Edina Soós, 5 Weeks 4 Days. Courtesy of Teravana Gallery.

The Hungarian artist had five single exhibitions at cultural institutions and galleries in Budapest and she has participated in several group exhibitions such as the “Kunst 2021”, a contemporary art exhibition in Berlin and “Yicca Final Exhibition 22/23 in Rome. She was selected as first prize winner of Itsliquid International Contest 13th Edition and as finalist of Yicca International Contest of Contemporary Art 22/23. Additionally, she won the Special Prize of the Global Art Prize and a Merit Prize of Art Show International.

Cover image: Edina Soós, Optical Entrance. Courtesy of Teravana Gallery

Written by Asia Artom

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