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5 weeks 4 days



27 x 27 cm
11 x 10.63 in






When creating this artwork there was a strong emphasis on spontaneity. I created an abstract structure by putting gestures onto the canvas, then gave it a shape by hiding some surfaces with flat oil painting. The animal embryos evolved intuitively on the canvas.

1966 , Hungary

Edina Soós pursued graphic studies at the Graphic Arts Course in Pápa and at István Huber Dési Art School in Budapest. Later she visited the Art School of Buda for 3 years. She constantly broadens her theoretic and technical knowledge, among others at the Open University of the University of Visual Arts of Hungary, as well as at the online courses of The Museum of Modern Art, NY. She had five single exhibitions in Budapest, Hungary and participated in group exhibitions in different European cities like Rome, Venice, London and Berlin. She was awarded as first prize winner of Itsliquid International Contemporary Art Contest 13th Edition, Finalist of Yicca International Contest of Contemporary Art 22/23, Special Prize winner of GlobalTalents Art Prize in 2023 and Merit Prize winner by ’Art Show International’ in the abstract category in 2021.

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