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Exploring Reality through Light, Color, and Soulful Interpretation

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Magí Puig, born in Palou, Lleida, in 1966, is a talented artist who has mastered the art of capturing the essence of reality through his paintings. With a deep connection to his craft since childhood, Puig's journey as an artist has led him to explore various techniques and themes, ultimately creating a style that has gained international recognition thanks to its uniqueness.

Puig's artistic education began at the Sant Jordi Fine Arts School in Barcelona, where he graduated in 1989. Seeking further inspiration and knowledge, he then pursued studies at the Winchester School of Fine Arts in the United Kingdom. Today, he resides and works in Tàrrega, where he continues to create mesmerizing artworks that transport viewers into his world of interpretation.

At the heart of Puig's artistic expression lies his deep affinity for the interplay of light and color. His attention towards light allows him to infuse his subjects with a glow. Whether it's the captivating scenes of everyday life, busy markets, or calm beaches, Puig's brush captures the magical essence of these moments.

One of Puig's recurring themes is his exploration of human figures in open scenarios. His paintings depict individuals illuminated by sunlight, often in beach settings or within the intimacy of family life. Through his technique, Puig manages to distill the very essence of these scenes, offering viewers a glimpse into the soulful connections between light, humanity, and the environment.

Puig's artistic process can be likened to that of an alchemist. Just as an alchemist distills complex substances to reveal their pure essence, Puig distills the intricacies of reality to unveil its underlying beauty. His artworks are akin to a fragrant color palette, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the captivating fragility of the human experience.

Magí Puig. Oasi, 2014. Courtesy of Espai Cavallers. 

The artist's mastery of light and his unique style have garnered him international acclaim. Puig regularly exhibits his works in Barcelona, Paris, and Montpellier, captivating audiences with his vibrant and evocative paintings. His subjects span the globe, as he draws inspiration from his travels to countries such as Senegal, Turkey, Cuba, and Vietnam. Through his brush, Puig transports viewers to distant lands, providing glimpses of exotic landscapes and the rich tapestry of diverse cultures.

Puig's exceptional talent has led to numerous exhibitions in renowned galleries and art fairs across Europe and the United States. His captivating artworks have found their way into esteemed collections, solidifying his place as an accomplished artist within the contemporary art world.

Magí Puig's paintings transcend mere visual representations, offering viewers an emotional journey into the essence of existence. With his unparalleled ability to capture light, he invites us to see the world through his eyes and embrace the profound beauty that lies within the ordinary. Through his art, Puig leaves an indelible mark, reminding us that even in the complexity of reality, there is an enduring simplicity that can be unveiled with the right perspective and artistic vision.

Cover Image: Magí Puig. Hoop, 2016. Courtesy of Espai Cavallers

Written by Sveva Berto

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