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The 14th edition of ArtVerona will be held from 12 to 15 October 2018 at Veronafiere. As an authoritative point of reference in the world of contemporary art and in the European fair sector, ArtVerona is a compact and accomplished event that is attractive due to its location, the quality of its offering and its relational vocation.

Under the artistic direction of Adriana Polveroni for the second year running, ArtVerona is consolidating its position, confirming its commitment to being an alternative kind of fair that is distinctive for its support of a new generation of collectors and for its promotion of the Italian art system, as proven by “#backtoitaly”, the event’s payoff that this year presents the theme “Utopia” as a horizon for reflection. Every months there are new fairs end events all over the world, don't miss the opportunity to get close to the art system with #KoonessMagazine: The paper breaks the wall of the art market


145 is the number of galleries selected to further define the specificity of the two pavilions: one with a net inclination towards historically contextualised post-World War 2 artists, and the other dedicated to new generation artists. 6 is the number of exhibition sections, reproposing Grand Tour, where the focus on Italy is revealed in the works of Italian artists or in an overview of our situation; Raw Zone, essential spaces for one show; Scouting, a research area hosting more complex projects; 9 – Spazi Indipendenti (Independent Spaces), a format dedicated to collectives and non-profit organisations engaged in contemporary art languages, and Main Section, focused on mid-career artists, as well as on Maestros and on the younger artists; a new entry is BoMA Best Of Modern Art, an accurate selection of modern art, in which the best Italian and foreign galleries can converge with a specific focus on confirmed artists.

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The second year under the art direction of Adriana Polveroni sees the entry of 35 new galleries, jacking the total up to 145 modern and contemporary exhibitors, in addition to 14 independent spaces and 18 publishers, plus a new area for hosting the more experimental proposals. The theme of the 2018 edition is Utopia, namely the numerous challenges and possible missions of the Italian art system that the Fair intends to host and represent, with an invitation and a declaration of intent, #backtoitaly, that has become the banner of ArtVerona’s identity and standing. There are 6 sections hosted in the Fair’s two pavilions dedicated to modern and contemporary art. 

In the Main Section, consolidated as well as emerging galleries will compose a select itinerary focused primarily on Italian artists – including those already acclaimed by the critics and the market, the mid-career artists and the young artists – as well as a showcase of international artists. The section Focus on – galleries presenting a guest country for the first time – this year, as already announced, turns its projectors on Lithuania and its young and lively art scene, thanks to the assistance of Julija Reklaitė, the cultural attaché of the Republic of Lithuania to Italy. Another look on international relations is available at the Grand Tour section with galleries that illustrate ‘there and back’ stories, namely foreign galleries located in Italy and interested in our artists as well as Italian galleries located abroad.


Matilde Cassarini - News From Nowhere-nowhere #3 - 2018 - stampa fine art su carta Hahnemühle - 50x70cm - courtesy l_artista - credits Matilde Cassarini.


Once again, the Fair hosts the two more experimental sections with a double formula that has received excellent acclaim in the past edition: solo show in the Raw Zone section and an exhibition expanded to include 3 artists in the Scouting section. 14 non-profit entities have been selected through the annual contest of i9-spazi indipendenti, the independent exhibition spaces section curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo that allows access to the Fair to the variegated scenario of project spaces, an increasingly active reality in contemporary art production. 3 young artists who have still to be represented by a gallery will be presented at the Free Stage section by a renowned international artist, Adrian Paci: the artists are Leonardo Pellicanò (1994) and the duo consisting of Chiaralice Rizzi (1982) and Alessandro Laita (1979).

The ArtVerona team has confirmed its Steering Committee, consisting of Diego BergamaschiMauro De IorioGiorgio FasolPatrizia MorosoCristiano Seganfreddo and Catterina Seia. A fundamental partner is the Consorzio Collezionisti delle Pianure collectors’ association led by Antonio Grulli that will participate in the Fair’s roadshow for Collezionismo al Centro, the last venue of which will be Verona in mid-September and to which the third edition of the editorial project Critical Collecting will be dedicated, featuring ten art critics illustrating ten collections.

Collectors and entrepreneurs will be the leading figures of ArtVeronaTalk. Collezionare l’impossibile (Collecting the Impossible) is a cycle of talks curated by Paola Tognon that intends to explain how the contemporary collector sustains the utopias in which art trains its research.

This will be flanked by several events regarding collecting and profession: one curated by Marianna Agliottone, in cooperation with Banca Widiba, and one called L’impresapossibile (Mission Possible) that presents the experiences of the entrepreneurs of North-Eastern Italy where ‘art & business’ has become an established combination.

The Fair’s relationship with local entrepreneurship has been further reinforced through the addition of a new alliance with NUOVE // Residency, an “artist residencies in businesses” project established and directed by Geraldine Blais.

ArtVerona 2018 also presents 2 new prizesWiDiCollect (Wise Dialog Collecting) dedicated to multimedia art, conceived by the collector and financial consultant Fabio Agovino and promoted by Banca Widiba, and A disposizione, the new art purchase fund of Veronafiere.


Mazzi_Self portrait with a whale backpack, 2018.


Once again the Fair will see a generous programme of acquisitions, competitions and prizes aimed at supporting the various actors of the network. Among the more prominent (Fondi Acquisizioni, Premio Icona, Premio Ottella, Premio Display) there is Level 0, an opportunity to establish a relationship between an artist – and his or her gallery – and an Italian museum (10 participated in this project in last year’s edition), with an increasingly consistent commitment to exalting the value and visibility of the artist selected. Another popular project is the Premio dedicato alla Fotografia (Photography Prize), a medium through which the new audiences often approach art as well as a medium of interest for more experienced collectors. ‘Atupertu’ has evolved into Io, l’opera e tu (I, the Artwork and you), entrusting to a specific work of art the task of triggering the dialogue between the artist, the curator and the visitor. Another comeback is Primo Amore (First Love), the platform that aims at directing the public towards high-quality artworks with affordable price tags, i.e. within 5,000 euros, to kindle the interest of new collectors. And to gratify the ever-growing number of collectors (480 guests in 2017), ArtVerona has strived to create an even more attractive VIP Programme.


Today the need is felt for a renovated profile of the collector. ArtVerona’s commitment is to contribute to this renovation by being a point of reference for young and new collectors. Important encouragement comes from the collectors’ association Consorzio Collezionisti delle Pianure, an expression of the varied and complex kind of entrepreneurship that has made North-Eastern Italy an area of excellence in the Made-in-Italy sector. This evolution and growth has been made possible also thanks to ArtVerona’s cooperation with ANGAMC – Associazione Nazionale delle Gallerie d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries) and with the many national and regional institutions that see ArtVerona as a most-awaited cultural event highly considered by the art market.


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