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Having opened in December 2012 by Rusa Makowski, Galerie Makowski is a fine art gallery located in the heart of Berlin. The gallery’s main focus is on international and contemporary artworks, showcasing a wide variety between emerging and established artists.

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Through many and self-organised exhibitions, the gallery is also represented in national and international art fairs. Galerie Makowski is committed to its goal of discovering young artists and providing a platform that can showcase diversity and uniqueness within the art world.

In Galerie Makowski’s roster, we find artists like Uwe M. Glatz (b. 1969, Villingen) is an abstract photographer. Having partaken in numerous exhibitions and art fairs in Rottweil, Essen, Berlin, Shanghai and Dubai, Gltaz is focused on the interplay of light and colour. Glatz’s photographs are abstract colours, reflecting the refraction of light and creating unique and diverse abstract landscapes, such as in N11 - Water and Light (2020).


Uwe M. Glatz, N11 - Water and Light (2020)


Born in Brazil, photographer Cristiano Chaussard is inspired by the natural beauty of Brazil, where Chaussard’s art is the identification of a charming scene transformed by any technique. Inspired by the Bauhaus aesthetics of his earlier artistic formation, Chaussard relies on the beauty of nature and the islands where he resides in southern Brazil, where he takes inspiration for prints such as Brazilian Fish (2019).


Cristiano Chaussard, Brazilian Fish (2019)


Makowski Rusa's international focus makes it possible, not only enables us to discover new talents, but also to promote found talents around the world. Go and chek them all out on Kooness.com.


Cover image: A MOMENT OF UNDERSTANDING by Hella Ridder

Written by Darya Shojai Kaveh

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