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SetUp Contemporary Art Fair is focused on young and emerging contemporary talents.

Established in 2013, it is now celebrating its sixth edition, starting on the 1st of February 2018 and finishing on the 4th, in Palazzo Pallavicini, Bologna.

SetUp Contemporary Art Fair’s mission is to provide new horizons and promote emerging artists, in order to grow a new generation of collectors and to create a healthy cultural economy.

Over the past five editions, SetUp has hosted over 190 galleries, 34 foreign galleries, giving space to more than 800 artists; the cultural program offered 111 talks and 33 performances allowing more than 48,000 visitors to get in touch with emerging talents.
Every edition of SetUp is focused on a leading theme.The guiding theme of this year is Expectation.


Palazzo Pallavicini in Bologna, location of SetUp Contemporary Art Fair 2018


OFF projects


Cured by Manuela Valentini 

Break! It is a collective exhibition that wants to challenge the traditional exhibition space.

The spectator will be actively involved and will have to use his / her skills to discover the exhibited artworks from time to time. The curator, in this case, transports the works in a virtual space in which only those who want to do this experience will access. The visitor is then asked to look for and discover the inner universe of individuals who feel the real need to externalize beliefs, ideologies and emotions with shapes and colors.

Hannes Egger, Everything must be doubted


Hannes Egger - Das Fest 2018

The artist Hannes Egger, presents DAS FEST (The party), a site-specific work conceived for Palazzo Pallavicini's spaces.

Egger's work can be enjoyed by every single visitor through the headphones available at the beginning of the fair's itinerary. Egger's work stimulates and solicits the imaginative capacity of the public thanks to a narrating voice that accompanies the user on a path in the building, creating a direct interaction between his body and the surrounding space so that the visitor must assume a dynamic and performative role rather than a static and contemplative one.
The people involved thus become a sort of "imaginary sculptures".
During the course of DAS FEST, with the suggestions of the narrating voice, there are a series of references to History Of Art and the history of Pallavicini palace.


Polisonum – Mouvement

Cured by Francesca Ceccherini

Polisonum is an art collective that uses sound as a medium to investigate historical and contemporary places. For the fair he created Mouvement, a site-specific work for Palazzo Pallavicini. The sound installation was born from the re-elaboration of the minuet k94, performed by W. A. Mozart on March 26, 1770 in the Bolognese palace modified through time stretching to obtain the dilated composition of 248 years, the time that passed from the day of execution to today. Inside the room next to the "Sala della Musica", the Mouvement creates ethereal rings in a timeless suspension condition that emphasizes the evocative character and the faculty of sound signification.


Kooness suggests…


Continuity #23


Arteconomy performance

Another interesting performance will take place during the fair thanks to Arteconomy (Five Gallery, Lugano).

Arteconomy is a movement based on denunciation of the excessive emphasis given to finance in the contemporary art world. Arteconomy eliminates the figure of the artist and paradoxically uses concepts of the financial world with the series Continuity, composed by identical artworks in which the sales mechanism is an integral part as their value increases for each sale.
The performance will be a continuous auction throughout the fair where they will sell works of the series starting from “#23”.
But this is a special auction: in traditional auctions you have to wait for the last raise to get the work at the highest price offered among all those present in the room; in this performance, on the contrary, a work is delivered to every relaunch and consequently the one who makes the first offer benefits from the best price obtaining a work whose value has already increased.



SetUp prize

SetUp Art Fair evaluates under 35 artists and curators presented by the galleries, giving to the best one an award consisting in 1000 € for the best artist, and 500 € for the best curator.
The awards winners will be announced on Friday 2nd February from 8 pm to 9 pm in the Talk Area.


Tiziano Campolmi Award

Tiziano Campolmi Association, in line with the aims of its statute, wants to keep alive the memory of Tiziano Campolmi promoting creative talents. Tiziano Campolmi Award enhances the work of a young artist who deals with photography. The association will support the winner’s research with a prize of 2500 euros and the awarded photographic work will be purchased by the association, delivering the artwork during the proclamation. The selection of the selected work will be articulated in two phases; the first one will involve the popular vote through the Facebook page dedicated to the Prize which will remain available from 15/12/2017 to 3/02/2018.

During the fair’s days, the works nominated for the Award will be marked with a special sign and the public will express their likes until the closing day, Saturday 3 February 2018 at 24.00. The five works that will have reached the highest rating of satisfaction will be admitted to the second phase of selection operated by the Selection Committee, who will decree the winner on Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 15.00. 


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