Continuity 28

About Continuity 28

Technique: recycled carbon fibre.
Author: Fehrer Machinery.
Price: Sfr 3’200 VAT not included > Eur 2’782 > 3’395 EUR with IT VAT 22%.

"Continuity" is a set of progressively numbered works composed of a piece of carbon fibre recycled using an innovative industrial process. The result is placed within a frame, creating a first interrelation between real economy and art.

Pricing becomes an integral part of the work itself: starting with an assigned price of 500 Sfr to “Continuity 1” , the price steadily increases by 100 Sfr with every piece sold. The value of “Continuity 2” is 600 Sfr, “Continuity 3” 700 Sfr and so on. This constant mark-up is not due to the increasing demand, it is the emotion that every single collector feels when buying.
This mark-up, defined as incremental emotion, points to a subsequent, stronger, emotion and its face value is entirely donated to charity, highlighting the social dimension of art in contrast to its current elitist value.

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