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Oluchi Zom is an artist confronting the humans’ emotions and the personal identity through art, experimentations and materials.

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Oluchi Zom's work delves into the intricate fabric of human emotions and activities, weaving a visual narrative that reflects the complexities of personal identity. Her work is an exploration, predominantly within the realm of the female gaze, where she analyzes and challenges social norms. The journey of creation for Oluchi is a process of channeling connections, where she contemplates the universal human emotions and experiences that bind us together. She creates her pieces with the profound realization that each stroke has the potential to resonate with individuals on a deeply personal level and connect directly with the soul. The colors, strokes and elements that make up her pieces become a vessel for unexpressed emotions, shared vulnerabilities, hope and healing. 

Oluchi's pieces aim to illuminate narratives that have a significant daily impact on women and seek to provoke contemplation and dialogue. At the core of her creations is a deeply rooted commitment to reflecting the myriad of emotions, activities and identities that define us as individuals and as a society. The lens through which she navigates this exploration is attuned to nuanced whispers and unexpressed thoughts. Through this process, it invites viewers to engage in a dialogue that goes beyond the canvas, encouraging reflection on the broader issues surrounding personal identity and the various facets of related emotional experiences. It is an invitation to reflect, ask questions and connect, while contributing to a collective conversation that transcends the boundaries of canvases and gallery walls.


Oluchi Zom, Veiled Reflections, 2023. Courtesy of the Artist.


The artist stated that her driving force is a desire to pursue significant emotional affinity, largely through the female African gaze, and the vibrant color palette of her African heritage. She uses bright, vivid, and saturated colors, which are signifiers  of positivity, courage, growth and future hope juxtaposed with the varied shades of the black skin of strong, determined African women. She defines her art as fluid, as she is constantly experimenting with new materials and processes. She selects diverse mediums that translate her ideas into visuals. Synthetic and organic materials including acrylic, repurposed objects, ink, leaves, copper wire and threads have found their way into her work.  

In 2019 Oluchi Zom was one of four artists selected for an exhibition hosted by the British High Commissioner in Nigeria (Ms Catriona Laing, CB) to celebrate the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She has participated in various group exhibitions, and my works are held in several private and corporate collections, including 3 pieces in the collection of The Embassy of Ireland in Nigeria.


Oluchi Zom. “An olive branch for two”, 2021. Courtesy of the Artist.

In her work “An olive branch for you”, the artist uses acrylic and repurposed objects on canvas as mediums. The painting depicts a young girl delicately holding an olive branch expressing a serene but resolute attitude. The olive branch represents peace and reconciliation, a gesture of goodwill and harmony in the midst of war and turmoil. The presence of the subject represents a hope for a peaceful solution in world affairs, asking enemies to dialogue and understand each other. The position of the painting communicates a message of compassion and solidarity, emphasizing healing above conflict.

Oluchi Zom, “Filtering the noise”, 2023. Courtesy of the Artist.

Filtering the noise, it's a piece made by the artist in 2023. Using a field of roses as a metaphor, just as caring for a field of roses requires care, attention, and maintenance to produce beautiful flowers worthy of admiration, having productive conversations requires intentional effort and a willingness to listen and learn from others. With patience and dedication, we can cultivate a more harmonious and inclusive society through meaningful conversations, just like a well-tended field of roses. The vibrant colors give the viewer a sense of hope. 

Oluchi Zom through her art talks about human emotions and the complexities of personal identity. Every piece is directed to each individual on a personal level, bringing us together. Each stroke has the potential to resonate with individuals on a deeply personal level and connect directly with the soul. Her art is fluid as it is always in constant experimentation.

Cover image: Oluchi Zom, Whispers of bloom, 2023. Courtesy of the artist.

Written by Asia Artom

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