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MIFF Awards: its 20th edition. Selected movies, short videos and documentaries from all over the world to be watched and voted for online. 

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It is good to know that in these days, while going through a time in which everything is slowing down, we still can fully enjoy art and culture. Probably now more than ever, we need music, books, heartwarming images, performances, fantasy and films and, luckily for us, there are realities than can help finding high quality content.


A Black Jesus, poster. MIFF Awards 2020.


Yearly a great selection of films – short and long movies, documentaries – characterized by high quality and excellent techniques is carried out by the Milan International Film Festival, worldwide known as the MIFF Awards. And this year is no exepction. 

In 2020, the Festival is celebrating its 20th birthday and it will meet everyone’s extraordinary expectations thanks to authors as Wim Wenders or Ridley Scott –two mythical characters of the last 40 years of cinema history-, who produced respectively a movie and a documentary, or the Oscar winner director Olympia Dukakis, and actors like Sienna Miller who plays the main character in one of the most expected movies in the contest, “American Woman” director by Jake Scott (and produced by Ridley). 



American Woman, poster. MIFF Awards 2020​​​​


The aim of the Festival is to raise awareness on different cultures and nationalities, especially in these days, promoting international and independent cinema in all its forms and offering the possibility of a dialogue

This 20th edition topic is “Organic Cinema”, a hype theme and definition that claims a sort of manifesto: MIFF Awards, indeed, aims at a cultural growth of its public endorsing a better quality each year, both aesthetically and ethically. 


MIFF Awards, Organic 2020.


Every year, MIFF Awards inaugurate the event with an opening night in Milan, in which candidates are presented and honored, and with a parallel performance in Los Angeles, the cinema capital. This year the awards will be announce on Mymovies, the most important and updated Italian cinema platform, where among more than a hundred titles, the finalists will be available on streaming: starting from today, November 17th, the 32 nominated movies, will be announced. For the 20th edition, MIFF and Mymovies created a brand-new prize: a nomination made by the public. Hollywood and Milan will be online. 

Leonardo Da Vinci horse, MIFF Awards logo, stands for culture and magnificence, and reminds us that Italian Renaissance vivid culture spread all over the world, and it will always keep us company, specifically thanks to these movies that deal with humanity in all its forms.  


The Ice Cubes, poster. MIFF Awards 2020


Upper Story, poster. MIFF Awards 2020


Find out 2020 nominations and stay tuned on Miffawards.com.


Cover image: Upper Story, poster. MIFF Awards 2020

Written by Rossella Farinotti

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