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Have you ever spotted a famous artwork while watching a movie?

Paintings are rarely included in a movie without having a purpose. Great filmmakers walk the tightrope between visual and verbal storytelling.
They understand that quite a lot can be said by using great art to speak for you. The artwork is often in the background so that only a careful audience can appreciate and understand its presence in the scene. Read more about the last movie of Julian Schnabel "At Eternity's Gate”  inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's paintings and life!


Mark Rothko's "Untitled no.12" in Limitless


They are obviously not just a set piece, they can make a great impact and sometimes they are as important as a character. Art helps to underline the social status, the historic period of the story or can be the key to penetrate the entire meaning of the entire film. Sometimes artworks provide a kind of commentary on the main characters that reveal aspects of their personalities. They contribute to the creation of a particular atmosphere. Other times they are just a respectful tribute to great artist.


Robert Longo's "Man in the cities" in American Psycho


John Currin's "Nude in a Convex Mirror" in Nocturnal Animals


But is not all, because it's also true that in the last few years we have assisted to special attention from the cinema to the art, especially to great master's life or huge and important collection. Just for mention several examples observing the latest releases: "Final Portrait" (2017) by Stanley Tucci dedicated to Alberto Giacometti interpreted by Geoffrey Rush both protagonist of "The best offer" (2013), winner of numerous awards including the prestigious David di Donatello. And way back in time, how to forget the superlative drama directed by Peter Webber "Girl with a Pearl Earring" (2003) inspired by the homonym's painting of Johannes Vermeer. As well for the sad story of Frida Khalo in the movie "Frida" (2002) directed by Julie Taymor.


"The best offer" directd by Giuseppe Tornatore. Frame video. 2013


If you want to discover all the information about an artwork you spotted in a film you can visit PaintingsinmoviesStay Tuned on Kooness magazine for more exciting news from the artworld.