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The Canadian Marie-Danielle Leblanc is an avid visual artist, who loves working with different mediums and techniques, incorporating her passion for travels into her art. Her works are distinguished into her abstracts, landscapes, tree paintings, and playful pop art, all of which are an expression of her creativity and spontaneity.

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Central to Marie-Danielle Leblanc's art is materiality, landscapes and her personal travels. Originally from Trois-Rivères, the Canadian artist moved in 1990 to Montreal, where she still resides. After obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Université du Québec à Montréal, she has participated in thirty solo exhibitions and more than fifty group exhibitions to date. Her works have been exhibited around the world, from local galleries in Canada all the way to Europe and Asia.

Marie-Danielle Leblanc is an adventurous traveler, who aims, through her paintings, to communicate to her viewers a taste for the outdoors and the open air. Her studio sits on the Lachine Canal, a vibrant setting which helps her to actively work in her ideal natural environment. Leblanc infuses the natural world’s presence into each piece of art, making one feel as if they are really there. Indeed, each landscape represented is unique because they reflect a moment in time or space that holds a special place in Marie-Danielle’s heart.


Marie Danielle Blanc. Majestic Bubbling Tree. Courtesy of Majestic Bubbling Pink

What distinguishes her work is her approach to materiality, making it integral to her artistic vision. Her distinct choice of media, and specifically that of encaustic on a cherry wood support,
is central to her art, creating the organic and grounded effect that she aims to put out into the world. Her choice in medium affects the finished outcome of her works, be it her trees or landscapes influenced by her travels, abstracts, or her explorations of the pop art genre.

In her shift from epoxy resin to encaustic beeswax, she has learned to create her own custom paints by mixing pigments, bees wax, and damar resin, freeing her to make quick-drying yet
malleable paintings that can always be reworked. Furthermore, after creating the paints for her panels, she works spontaneously, dripping wax and creating a series of textures and lines. Her abstract linear works can be hung vertically or horizontally, respectively reminding the viewer of a waterfall or a landscape.

Marie Danielle Blanc. Magdalena Islands. Courtesy of Majestic Bubbling Pink

At the root of her work there is the love of places and travels, which are captured through her travel diary, gradually transformed into poetic interpretations through her art. These artworks, expression of Marie-Danielle Leblanc's creativity and spontaneity, led to the artist's resonance at a national and international level. Indeed, her work is part of several corporate collections, film productions, and has been used for book covers from three of the largest publishing houses in Quebec. Additionally, her art had been elected one of the top ten must see artworks at the New York International Art Fair, and she won the first prize at the Paris Salon in 2010, from the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts.

This is proof of the reverberation she has worldwide, since her mission remains to create intimate connections with as many people as her art can touch.

Cover Image: Marie Danielle Blanc. From East to West Coast. Courtesy fo Art Works

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