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Karine Langevin exalts the feminine character through colour.

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Karine Langevin is a French artist and painter, born in 1972. Painting has been part of her universe since her toddler years. After graduating in Plastic Arts, and after exploring different currents and pictorial techniques, she dedicates her career to her full-time passion:  Art.

Langevin’s choice to focus on portraits was clear, due to her particular attraction to faces. On a further notice, her favourite subject are women in its entirety because of the expressiveness they hold, combined to the grace, sensuality, perseverance and strong character. Langevin also gives a large significance to Women as being a symbol of the Origin of Life. Langevin draws liberated woman at the heart of her work and attentions. Each portrait has its own character, its own message to convey, and plays with the surrounding light.

Karine Langevin KJL. Médusa médusée, 2022. Courtesy of JLF Gallery.

The artist aims to concentrate emotions in the visual aesthetics of matter and colours. From her art studio in Paris, she conveys happiness as the most significant feature her artworks must hold.  The search for emotion is important in her works and passes by the glance. The artist searches emotion and portrays it according to the themes of her paintings, giving them their own personality and getting closer to a “Pop-Art” approach. However, her artistic influences are not limited to Pop-Art, rather they stem towards expressionism, dripping and fauvism In fact, the meaning of each painting is created through the integration of elements such as images, music scores, musical notes, or by barcodes, which reflect the modernization and the growing consumerism.

These are certainly the artistic and technical foundations on which she now asserts her style, producing expressionist works with singular materials and translucent colours.

All of her painting starts with drawing a face to which she gives life by stretching the use of numerous colours and through the use of resin. Resin is one of the most important steps in her artworks. When she applies resin, it creates reliefs, it is translucent by place and plays with the light.


Karine Langevin. Le jour se lève, 2022. Courtesy of JLF Gallery

She finds her inspiration in the streets and in her travels, both by meeting people, and analysing the expressions they make. This inspiration can pass through photography to capture a feeling of the moment, an expression, a posture as with her paintings "Coup d'oeil" or "will".

Her themes are oriented towards mythology (with "Medusa medusa"), the universe (with "Venue d'Ailleurs - le paradoxe de Fermi" or "Nova, les yeux de l'Univers"), song (with "Billie Eilish"), or travel (with "Image, Paris : mon Amour" and "Montre-moi qui tu es"), cinema (with "Le jour se lève - les émotions du Cinéma") or Luxury and Fashion (with "The woman with the scarf - Luxury and Fashion).

Cover image: Karine Langevin KJL. Imagine Paris mon Amour, 2022. Courtesy of JLF Art Gallery

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