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Médusa médusée


Single piece Signed Dated



100 x 100 x 5 cm
39.37 x 39 x 1.97 in







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Acrylic paint on canvas with resin projection

"Médusa médusée"

Méduse or Médusa belongs to the group of primordial deities whose features are associated with the image of the serpent.

A version of the Myth: Medusa is a beautiful young girl whom Poseidon falls in love with. Having thus become a rival for the goddess Athena, she decides to punish her and transforms her into a Gorgon. His hair becomes snakes, and now his gaze petrifies everyone who meets him. Medusa is the only Gorgon to be mortal, more victim than harmful, she is considered protective today. Symbol of the power of the feminine, and the power of the gaze, in 2022, Medusa becomes the archetype of the femme fatale.

"Medusa Medusa" takes on the features of this gorgon with the snakes present in this painting but not only in the hair! Also on the mouth, neck and in the eyes where you can see a snake eye. The embedded texts tell his story with a conclusion that crowns his mouth. She looks stunned… is Athena's spell obsolete?

1972 PARIS, France

​​​​​​Karine Langevin KJL is a French artist, painter, born in 1972 in Dijon.

She graduated in Plastic Arts, and after a first professional career in audiovisual, she devotes herself since 2005 to her passion which became her job, exploring the various currents and pictorial techniques.

Her artistic influences are pop art, expressionism, dripping and fauvism.

After several figurative works in oil, she then explores abstract art, concentrating her emotions in the visual aesthetics of matter and colors.

These are certainly the artistic and technical foundations on which she now asserts her style, producing expressionist works with singular materials and translucent colors.

Several auctions from 2010 by auctioneers have been recorded (Artprice). Editorial publications are devoted to some of her exhibitions, notably in "L'Univers des Arts" and "Miroir de l'Art".

She is a member of the Taylor Foundation in Paris since 2015.

From 2019, several galleries represent the artist including JLF Gallery (Chartres/Paris) 

She regularly participates in art fairs in Ile de France. Her paintings are also exported internationally to the United States and Europe.

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Francourville ( Chartres), 7 place Saint Fiacre

JLF Gallery was created to promote artists and to contribute to the diffusion of their paintings, sculptures and other works, without language or cultural barriers. The limited and targeted choice of artists presented is of course the result of the quality of the work and the human qualities of the artist but is also fed by my instinct and my emotions. Dedic...

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