Home Magazine Laura Benetton between ratio and instinct, nature and rigor, free colors and restrained shapes. 

Laura Benetton between ratio and instinct, nature and rigor, free colors and restrained shapes. 

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This past March, Laura Benetton (Italy, 1981) - click here to discover more about her works on Kooness.com -  opened a solo show in Milano, curated by Laura Pivetta and Greta Zuccala inside Hub Art space. This event has a double crucial relevance: while showing her new works, the artist aims at demonstrating that, after what culture and people had been trough in these last months, shooting out a tangible and renewed energy is possible and desirable. 


The artist in front of her painting.


Laura Benetton artistic approach towards reality is both instinctive – the vivid colors and their spreading all over the big canvases testify this attitude – and, on the opposite, led by a strong rational side. It could sound like a paradox, but the balance of her compositions and installations moves upon this sophisticated fil rouge between ratio and instinct, nature and rigor, free colors and restrained shapes


Laura Benetton, Jinsha, Neon installation, courtesy the artist.


These colorful, bright and dynamic layers of colors, shapes and meanings are based on mathematics equations that defines her gesture in painting. While painting, the artist refers to two different phases, one ascending, and the other, vice versa, descending. 

The artwork became like positive and vivid battlefields, where geometrical shapes, free signs that goes up and down, and the extension toward tridimensional mediums such as neon light, create a strong impact piece. Her practice is composed of actions, gestures, and a constant presence of colors, extend into the medium, representing bright abstract landscapes. 


Laura Benetton, Atthis, dark version, courtesy the artist.


When observing Laura Benetton art piece, the first impact could remind of a large immersive environment. Her paintings seem in fact to move by following clear and determined lines. This determination is probably due to the fact that her work investigates the “close relationship between art, nature and science: where color, movement and math intersect generating large and sophisticated painting and installations” as she stated.

Laura lives and works in London, and in Italy she collaborates with Context Art Gallery


Laura Benetton, Atthis, courtesy the artist.


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Cover image: Laura Benetton, Metamorfosis, neon light painting, courtesy the artist.

Written by Rossella Farinotti

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