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"Art and Creativity” is Jeff Koons' latest project! 

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Everyone who is working, or even just passionate about the arts and culture sector, certainly knows the American artist Jeff Koons, renown worldwide for his work dealing with popular culture and his sculptures depicting everyday objects, including balloon animals which he produces in stainless steel and mirror-finish surfaces. Over the years, he has acquired the nickname of the “Midas King” of contemporary art, since his artworks come to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, both in the primary and in the secondary market.


Jeff Koons, Balloon Swan, courtesy of JeffKoons.com


Art is how I communicate with the world—how I express my feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Join my @MasterClass to learn how to find transcendence through your art, how to find inspiration in everyday experiences, and how to use the tools of art to create work that has meaning to you and others. Let me show you how you can use your voice in art, because there is no one more qualified or more gifted than you are to bring forth the power of art to the world.”

That’s how he communicated, before Christmas, the launch of a short online course provided by the online platform Masterclass.com, where he will be the teacher. 

Masterclass.com is an online platform which provides lessons for a huge variety of disciplines: from leadership taught by Anna Wintour, to kitchen classes with Massimo Bottura, to photography with Annie Leibovitz, an artist of the calibre of Koons teaching arts perfectly fit with the high standards delivered by this website. 


Jeff Koons, courtesy of Masterclass.com


The course is called “Art and Creativity” and it is structured among 13 virtual lessons, through which the participants will get closer to the life of the artist, but also, Koons will constitute a source of inspiration for those about to start this peculiar path, so that Koons' mindset could become a true “lifestyle” for his students. Taking his iconic Balloon Dog as a case study, the artist takes a deep dive into his own career, offering participants access to the inner workings of his very singular art creation processes. Members will learn how to defamiliarize familiar objects and elevate the banal to high art through immense scale, arresting colour and innovative technology. 


See all available works by Jeff Koons on Kooness.com


Cover image: Jeff Koons, courtesy of Masterclass.com

Written by Elena Parcianello

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