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Milan. IT MAKES SENSE – TUTTO TORNA. Solo show by Italian artist Mattia Novello at AMY D Arte Spazio.


30 November 2017, 6.00 PM


1 December 2017 - 13 January 2018


AMY D Arte Spazio
6 Lovanio Street, 20121


Mattia Novello was born in Vicenza in 1985. He graduated in visual communication at the European Institute of Design in Milan, then in fashion photography at the School of Visual Art in New York and in Mixed Media Art at the Parsons School, always in New York. He now lives and works in Italy. He won several important art prizes.
His research is developed by multiple mediums. To everything and anything. He uses painting, sculpture and installation to evoke thought to truths that may or may not exist. 


Inspiring titles such as I love you, I will protect you, Walking in the infinitive… For AMY D Arte SpazioMattia Novello made 12 different installations. They are all different from the others in a way or another, but they are all coherent respecting the theme, logic and attitude. Because in the end, everything makes sense - tutto torna.

Meaning and signifier, present and future, diligence and lucidity.

For Mattia Novello, the artist’s duty is to identify human boundaries. Trying to catch and represent the essence of reality. Every shape and attempt to classify our surrounding, proves us that we are not able to catch the complexity of universe. To better demonstrate that, the Italian artist made doors, cards, teeth… as sculptures which represent reality but without being real everyday objects. Doors aren’t doors, but sculptures created by the artist to be works of art. He negates the original function of these objects. He makes them unusable for the aim they were created.

Doors and “access” that characterized both artworks (as Space Telepathy and Il bacio) and the gallery, indicate that there’s not a real end and beginning, an outside and an inside. Art and space are related, everything is connected.

Limits don’t exist. Even the ones we create. They are just doors, an instrument to go beyond, to access to the infinity.


Mattia Novello, It Makes Sense. Courtesy: Amy D Arte Spazio


Mattia Novello, It Makes Sense. Courtesy: Amy D Arte Spazio


Mattia Novello, It Makes Sense. Courtesy: Amy D Arte Spazio


Mattia Novello, It Makes Sense. Courtesy: Amy D Arte Spazio 

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