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When talking about art, one immediately thinks of the pleasure deriving from the contemplation of a work of art.  People have been investigating the benefits that can result from all the positive sensations perceived by coming into 'contact' with culture. Even in the medical field, the question has been raised:  how  can art  be used in drug prescriptions and hospitals? In Italy, Castello di Rivoli took a step forward and actively contributed to the campaign for anti Covid19 vaccination.  

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Castello di Rivoli is located about 15 km west of Turin, and it hosts one of the largest and most important museums of contemporary art in Italy; moreover, it is a building of high historic interest being listed on Unesco World Heritage Sites. 

To help facing the health emergency, the Director Carolyn Christov-Bakargievhas recently announced that Rivoli Foundation will convert part of its building into a anti Covid19 vaccinations centre. Such decision falls under the artistic project “L'arte cura, Art Helps” (and heals) a project that was launched by the Castello di Rivoli in collaboration with the city of Rivoli and ASL Torino 3, and it works simultaneously with the Cultura Italiaecampaign for the reopening of museums, theatres and places of culture as means to protect the health of citizens.


L'arte Cura, Art Helps. First project by Castello di Rivoli in collaboration with Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Città di Rivoli and ASL To3. Courtesy of and

Art has always contributed to the healing of society. It is no coincidence that some of the first museums in the world were previously hospitals. Now, we would like to return the favour, by making the rooms of the Castello di Rivoli available for the national vaccination plan. […] It is a commitment, shared by other public museums, in order to create a place that is accessible and at the service of the community. Although our exhibitions are currently closed to the public, our buildings can still serve this purpose and fulfil our mission. Art is healing.” Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev claimed.

The trial program will begin between March and April, depending on the vaccine’s distribution schedule for medical staffs and senior citizens, who will be vaccinated first.

The large rooms on the third floor, which sprawls 10,000 square feet, are holding Claudia Comte's wall painting exhibition, and they will be transformed into places for carrying out vaccinations and post-vaccination checking, in an unconventional but safe environment that will guarantee the highest protection thanks to strict hygiene procedures.


Castello di Rivoli, Courtesy of


Cover image: L'arte Cura, Art Helps. First project by Castello di Rivoli in collaboration with Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Città di Rivoli and ASL To3. Courtesy of and

Written by Elena Parcianello

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