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Who are the actors and which are the energies that are redesigning Italy’s new contemporary art system? The Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea and its research department CRRI in partnership with the innovative hospitality project Combo, invites 40 new hubs of artistic production to Supercondominio, the first annual assembly of the most important new art spaces in Italy. 

The protagonists will discuss the dynamics and transformations that impact independent art spaces in our country. Representatives from each space are invited to attend and to spend the night under the stars in tents mounted in the garden of the Manica Lunga, generously offered by Combo. 

"Is a group of houses a collective movement of detached pieces or a totality in itself? Are houses a sum of spaces or a living organism? (Mario Merz, 1983)

The event will begin on Saturday 7 July at 3 p.m and continue until 7 p.m in the Castello’s theatre (upon invitation only) is curated by Laura Lecce and Caterina Molteni. On Sunday 8 July between 11.30 a.m and 7.00 p.m it will continue and be open to the public in the Castello’s Theatre and Conference Room. Artist run spaces, project spaces, residencies, cultural agencies, young galleries have marked their presence on the macro-system of art by asserting their role as promoters and researchers of the most cutting-edge Italian and international art. They have also negotiated new ways of relating to audiences and public institutions. In recognition of the importance of these spaces and of their continual efforts across Italy, the Castello di Rivoli has dedicated a weekend to reflect on these spaces’ objectives and on the best strategies to grow and become consolidated.


Gilberto Zorio, veduta della mostra
Gilberto Zorio, veduta della mostra .


Supercondominio takes its name from a kind of gathering that regulates the management of two or more buildings within the same premises. Supercondominio invites us to rethink models of coexistence in order to envision new spaces that may share devices and objectives. The gathering will be structured according to three moments:


  • A private assembly punctuated by moments of reflection on themes that affect non-profit spaces such as management, curating, sustainability and economics.
  • An evening dedicated to representatives from each invited space that will be hosted by the museum.
  • A marathon of presentations free to the public during which each invitee can present their projects and activities


Combo, the strategic partner of Supercondominio, is a hosting project for travelers that offers private and shared rooms, communal spaces and a radio station, in distinctive historic buildings in the liveliest neighborhoods of major Italian cities. On the ground floor they house a bar, a restaurant and multifunctional spaces dedicated to art, music and culture. The floors above feature specially designed functional and fairly priced rooms. The identity of the entire project is a web radio that transmits the voice of Combo’s universe, which is physically present in Milan, Turin, Rome and online. Combo is an incubator, site of cultural production, it’s a strongly musical and artistic lab open to experimentation where travelers from the whole world meet with locals in an informal and international setting. In 2019 they will inaugurate buildings in Turin, Milan, Rome, Venice and Bologna to then continue with a capillary expansion with the opening of 13 Combos in 3 years across Italy.

With the participation of:

63rd – 77th STEPS (Bari) |80121 Residency (Naples) | ADA (Rome) |Almanac Inn (Turin / London) |Armada (Milan) | Associazione Random (Gagliano del Capo, Lecce) | Cabinet (Milan) |Cherimus (Perdaxius, CI) |Clima (Milan) |CRIPTA747 (Turin) |Current (Milan) |Dimora Artica (Milan)| Edicola Radetzky (Milan) |Ermes Ermes (Rome / Vienna) |Fanta Spazio (Milan) |flip project space (Naples) |Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio (Bologna) |Giorgio Galotti (Turin) |Il Colorificio (Milan) |Incurva (Favignana) |Like a little disaster (Polignano a mare) |Localedue (Bologna) | Marsèlleria (Milan) |Mega (Milan) |Montecristo Project (Cagliari)| Museo Apparente / Acappella (Naples) | Operativa Arte Contemporanea (Rome)|Pelagica (Milan) | Siliqoon (Milan) |Spaziobuonasera (Turin) |Standards (Milan) | Tile Project Space (Milan) | Treti Galaxie (Turin)|TRIPLA (Bologna) |Ultrastudio (Pescara/Los Angeles) |Una Vetrina (Rome) |Veda (Florence)

The Museum: 

The historic and cultural mission of the Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea is to promote research and understanding of the art of our times, stimulating the public and contributing to the social and civil development of the territory in which it operates. The Museum works as a place of comparison and growth in creativity, of knowledge and skills in the field of contemporary art. One of its roles is as an “antenna” for today’s world: it follows the international and radical art movements in a constant dialogue between history and current events. A vital centre for experimentation, through its work it promotes the spread of young Italian and international artists’ work.

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